Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Moonflowers and Mugs

Found this blooming late yesterday afternoon.  Moonflowers are a night blooming flower so I need to pay attention.  After our 'hurricane' and rain I didn't think I would get any blossoms at all.

The morning glories came back too.  The wind was strong enough to blow all the more mature buds off the vine.  A nice surprise to say the least.

Everything was planted late due to a cold, wet june.  No worries about the well this winter!

I've been thinking about mugs lately.  They hold a special place for me; I think because they are the only item I make that actually touches my lips.  I use my own mugs for the most part.  Many reasons, 1.) They are usually seconds so I don't shed tears when the cats have been drinking crazy juice. 2.)Over time I get a feel for my interaction with them.  How does the lip feel against my mouth?  How difficult, or easy is it to use?  Is the handle right?  How does the tea look in the mug?  Does it work visually?  I try not to get too compulsive......

Put together my first teapot in about ten years.  Like bike riding I didn't forget how to do it, but it was a wobbly experience.  I probably won't bother to fire it, but more will come.


  1. Oh fire it you never know, some of the pots I said I shouldn't fire have come out the best. I've never grown moon flowers how lovely they are. Glad you don't have to worry about your well, the less worries the better I say.

  2. Good to know the hurricane brought you relief from well worries anyway.

  3. Delightful to see the photos of your garden, I love the flowers and the background of leafy trees too. It was nice to read your thoughts about mugs. It is a special joy to make something that will be used in the way that a mug will be. The weight, form, balance, and feel of the mug in the hand, and the touch of it to the lips is all an important part of the pleasure of using it. You can get fond of mugs! We too have seconds, and our cats get to have their meals out of my breakfast bowls that have minor faults somewhere!

  4. Hi Linda...I think I'm going to go ahead and fire the will be good for test designs if nothing else. (so much angst over a teapot) Moonflowers are a crap shoot but such a joy when they bloom.

    Hi Patti.....right now it feels like we are living in a temperate rain forest, rather than N.E. No's what I call fuchsia weather.....wet, cool nights with warm days.

    Hi Peter...thank-you fir the kind words. I've been trying to verbalize a little bit why I do what I do. Are your cats helper cats? I wanted copycats, but ended up with helpers.


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