Tuesday, January 10, 2012


And life goes on....I have just been diagnosed with ear/sinus infection and Lyme Disease.  Oh joy!  Having been through many bouts of Lyme I know my stamina will be down.  The antibiotics will do their job but they take a lot out of me in the process.....lots of acidophilus is in my future!

Fortunately, when we took the Christmas tree down Proge helped me set up a space for decorating stuff.  I know I will not have the energy for a few weeks at least to be making pots, and whistles....but I should be able to decorate.  I can take frequent breaks if I need to; plus it is warm.  

I am working by an eastern window, which I have not done before.  The morning light will be interesting.  I use artificial light to supplement but natural light is extremely important to me.  It probably has something to with working without electricity for many years.  I still don't like using color with electrics as my only light source.

Upstairs Decorating Alcove

Here we have the Dumpster Duo with dragons.  They sort of look like dragons themselves.  Somewhere I read a story about dragons being tamed with milk, losing their scales and being cats underneath.

KikiLaSois and Aloysius

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  1. Oh no take care of yourself I hope you recover quickly but Lyme isn't anything to mess around with. Your kitties are so cute resting there. My cats search out the windows with the sun. I love the natural light too, I read that painters like the northern light but that's usually the cold side of the house, will be thinking of you.

  2. be well .........

    I'm with you on the natural light but living in Northern Ohio we just don't get it (why they built the tank plant here during WWII, the enemy would never see through the cloud cover) I have been working with daylight balance trumpet bulbs and must say they are an answer to my prayers!
    When I weave I have two plugged in, directed at my work.

    Love, love, love the story of cats and dragons!

    get well soon :)

  3. Humm, I think our cats are growing scales and becoming dragons... of the variety that are wide awake at night and want us to be too! Why does cat food taste better at 3 AM?? Anyway, I am really sorry to read that you are not well, Lyme Disease does not sound nice at all (I have become an instant armchair expert thanks to Google!!), and I do hope that you are well again really soon. As to the ear/sinus thing, my sincere sympathies (from long experience), just not fair that you have been hit with Lyme Disease at the same time. I think that we should speak sternly to year 2012 and tell it to behave and be nice! Good that you have that decorating area, it is nice to be near a window.
    Kind thoughts, P.

  4. Ick,Lyme disease! My dog had it a few years ago and he was so sad! Good that you can get it diagnosed, docs don't always figure it out. Feel bettr, at least you are getting some vitamin D :)

  5. work is a great way to keep your mind and hands busy while your body heals.
    I am sending all the good i can- heal quick!

  6. wishing you a quick recovery! awful that this is your second bout with it. my brother had it a few years ago... it has made me extremely fearful of all ticks.

  7. haha, I just posted dragons too :) shooooot, Lyme disease huh? dang....

  8. Hi Linda...painters like northern light because it is even...no sunbeams, glare, etc.....I just enjoy natural light.

    Hi Sandy....I know about being socked in by clouds, it's not unusual here to go weeks with no sun. NOT this year, at least!

    Hi Peter...yes about growing scales and all...we call it Drinking Crazy Juice.

    Hi Tracey...I've had Lyme too often to count...and the animals too..... this is a recurrent bout...which sneaks up on you.

    Hi Meredith....thanks for your good wishes....it's nice to be able to do a little bit of something.

    Hi Michele...ticks are not good in any variety....good to worry about them.

    Hi Gary....more about dragons on a new post.

    A huge THANK YOU to all for your kind thoughts and support for my quick recovery from Lyme. My ears and sinuses are beginning to clear and the long head ache is almost gone. Hurrah!

  9. Sure hope you are feeling much better soon. Lymes is a bear but if caught early, it is much easier to cure. Stay on top of it.
    Sending only good thoughts.


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