Saturday, January 28, 2012

Speaking of Back Burners & Godzilla

With  bows to Linda and Tracey I knew this house was floating around on my shelves.  After reading Linda's post today I went on a search and found it.  

It was inspired by a Christopher Priest novel Inverted World.  The idea was to make a bunch of buildings, faintly medieval in aspect on wheeled platforms.  I bisqued it with no intention of glazing to keep it from kitty destruction.

And for Gary......

Godzilla turtle has been living in the garden since last summer.  It's a combination of a cement turtle my sister gave me ten years ago after her son's dog bit two of the legs off.  The head came off much later.  The Godzilla head is all that is left of a Godzilla toy Proge had when he was small.  The head at various times has had flames coming out of his mouth and head, spikes and fangs, to name two of many incarnations.

Godzilla Turtle
There's sun and 50 F.,,,,,and we have fish activity.   Enjoy the day.

Thanks for stopping by.........-s-


  1. You need to glaze fire your back burner building and godzilla is awesome. Funny today I was thinking about going BIG for buildings after watching a TV travel channel about a cruise down the Rhine River and seeing all those castles and wonderful buildings with so much character. Then there were the gothic churches and so much more inspiration.

  2. Hi Linda....I'm thinking of making a bunch of them......if it warms up enough for me to get into my studio and use the slab roller! Go for the castles....I bet they would be great!

  3. hahahahaha! Awesome, thanks Smartcat! Holy cats, I have Garyzilla's coming out the ears today, I am so happy, and cat things too, a great firing yesterday!

  4. I'm so glad you stopped by! Pottery is an amazing art, and something I wish I knew more about. I love the yin yang idea. It takes a bit of effort to stay positive sometimes!


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