Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Turtle

On our one warm day I started getting my real studio ready so I could throw a few things and generally  start preparing to move in.  Alas, it snowed and then got cold enough to make it uncomfortable to be there.

Temps have been in the thirties with wind.  If it gets over forty outside I am willing to use the heater for a few hours to get it into the low sixties......soon, grasshopper, soon.

Instead I glazed and decorated a turtle whistle.  I have found that while I can work on several turtles at once, it completely discombobulates me to try to work on say turtles and ladybugs.  Live and learn.

I think I'll make some bigger ones come summer.

Turtle Whistle  approx. 4"L X 2"H

I found this hibiscus flower in bloom in my sunroom yesterday.  They don't usually bloom inside this early.  It must be the warm winter and the lights I have's hard to say.  Suffice it that there are flowers inside.  A project for this week is to rearrange the plant shelves so I can start some marigolds.  The little yellow ones grow quickly and are great for tucking into bare spaces in the garden....and I like the way they look mixed with curly parsley.

Happy anybody going to watch the Oscars?  Yes, another sign of my nerdiness!

Thanks for stopping by............-s-


  1. Oh I love the turtle, we have gopher tortoise here and they came out of their dens recently and I saw three different ones.

    You can grow hibiscus in your sunroom, looks very tropical.

  2. i love hibiscus, makes me think of past vacations in Florida.
    No Oscars for me, no cable or satellite here... but I will check out the winners on the internet later.

  3. Hi Linda.....thanks...I love the photos you post of your turtles. We have box turtles...and snappers, but thankfully they stay well hidden.

    Hi Michele.....the blooming flowers are part of what keeps me going all winter.

  4. Hey Gary...were we really doing posts at the same time? Experience has made you faster!


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