Friday, March 23, 2012

Good Thing or Cats Rule or ........

Good things come to those who clean.  I made this pitcher a few years ago when I was desperate for something presentable to put milk in. I found it on the back of a shelf when I was cleaning my studio.  (Which is still not finished but I least I can work there.)  I remember taking it downstairs last summer to copy the size and shape.  It holds about three cups.  

I'm pretty sure I made it in my Egyptian phase after the Gifts of the Nile exhibit at the RISD Museum back in the late nineties.  I should have made a lid for it.  Does anyone else have cats who stick their paws in the milk and lick the paw when the mouth is too narrow to drink from?  This seems to be a universal cat behavior.  This crew did not learn it from our previous cats.  In the future, I promise, I will make lids for my pitchers and creamers.

I threw yesterday for the first time since I moved upstairs for the winter.....4 small bowls, 1 biggish bowl, 2 mugs and two handbuilt plates.  Aloysius sat in two of the small bowls right after I threw them.....just came over and sat down in them, which really pissed me the same time he looked so stupidly nonplussed,  walking away with two bowls stuck to his backside that I couldn't help the laughter.  The clean up with sponge, water and baby wipes was punishment enough.

Today I am making tiles to fix the shower.  Making the tiles is fun,,,,fixing the shower is not.

I thought I was clearing plant shelves so I could begin to start some seeds.  Marigolds, alyssum and impatiens......I don't bother with's easier to buy seedlings from one of our local growers as I don't need that many plants.  Hah! We only think we are in charge of our companions....they run our lives....but they're sooooo cute!!!

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  1. they do, they do.
    We once had a cat who was left in the house when our pottery was being made in the basement. After eating a stick of butter and using the area where the drying plates were waiting under plastic......for his bathroom....not good not good.
    The plates never recovered and we were surprised when he shot out the door when we came home 3 days later-ut-oh!

  2. Cats certainly do what they want with no worry about consequences! Too bad you didn't get a picture of the bowl on the butt! lol
    Love your pitcher!

  3. Really nice pitcher!! Great decoration!
    Cats are a unique species...I know why the Egyptians felt that they were god-like...Either they were very spiritual or total narcissists.

  4. I would have loved to see the bowl on the butt :-) We have dogs and they don't go into the studio. That doesn't stop them from wanting to drink coffee out of a mug or eat off of plates I've made.

  5. My cat Binky dips his paws into coffee cups, I thought he liked the cream till he did it to my sister in laws coffee cup, it was black. I guess he likes the coffee. Great pitcher, I love historically influenced pottery.

  6. Cats can find comfort in the darnest places. So far mine haven't done the milk trick.

  7. Hi Meredith...That sounds like true cat behavior....and no the pots do not seem to recover from the help.

    Hi Judy...thanks. I wish I had managed a photo....believe me I would have posted it!

    Hi Joe...Glad you liked the pitcher....we live inservice to our little buddies. Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Lori....the critturs go for whatever they want, don't they.

    Hi Linda...Some cats just like coffee.

    Hi Patti....Just wait...they'll figure it out someday!

    Nothing like living in interesting times.....thanks all.........~s~


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