Friday, April 13, 2012


All in all a pretty good firing...successful tests and some pots I'm pleased with.

Below is the teapot.  This is an Amoco glaze which comes out with a slightly pebbly surface on my clay body.  It almost looks over fired, but isn't. I should have wiped the background blue off the lid a bit more, but other than that it looks pretty much the way I expected it to.  Still working on the handle.  Am currently doing several of the same type to give me space to experiment. 

The platter looks the way I wanted it to.  This one was an experiment as I generally outline in black.  This is first time I have used a dark blue to outline.  It's informed by or an homage to Delft pottery.
Back to making more and more.......the more I work the more paths open up.

Thanks for stopping by.........*s*


  1. gorgeous pots! thank you for sharing your process from start to finish.

  2. Love the teapot, it is oozing with personality and would make a great companion in the kitchen. Lovely platter, you are so clever with your decoration... (Having had a personal majolica disaster recently, all wobbles and blotches, I am full of admiration). "the more I work the more paths open up", is so true and does make the studio an exciting place to be.

  3. I LOVE how the tea pot came out!!

  4. Hi Michelle...thanks, sometimes I feel okay with showing just how nerdily obsessive I can be.

    Hi Peter...thanks. I started working with majolica shortly after becoming totally serious about clay. It probably took me a good two years to get to a point where I could be reasonably sure that I was going to get what I wanted......key word reasonably!

    Hi Sherry....thanks.

  5. These pieces are soooo pretty! love the shade of blue. Nice!


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