Monday, June 25, 2012

Farewell to a Subspecies

Lonesome George, the very last Pinta Island Tortoise in the world died .  It's sad to watch a species become extinct, particularly when it is due to human intervention.

You will live on in our memories, Lonesome big guy!

More about more stuff later.

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  1. Yes it's very sad. Have you done that???


  2. oh that is sad :( Poor George....stupid humans...when will people learn??
    Wishing you a happy day besides :)

  3. I heard about that turtle, sad, but your's brings a smile to my face.

  4. I hadn't heard about the turtle. I will go Google him now. We never learn do we?

  5. It's so sad to think about another extinct species today. We are fortunate that we have people like you that make turtles (and other animals) and remind us that we have to consider them in how we live our lives.

  6. I worry about our turtles here as they try to cross the road- many don't make it. I wish folks cared more.

  7. Oh no, Suzi :-{

    and they couldn't breed more and create a protected area for them


    Your turtle/tortoise is fantastic!


  8. Hi Elna...yes, I made him a few years ago. He's out in my garden now.

    Hi Cat....sadly, we may never learn.

    Hi Linda....Glad to bring you a smile

    Hi Patti....there are some good articles on Wilipedia

    Hi Lori....Reminding people of the animals around us is not s conscious thing for me, but I think it's deeply embedded in my work.

    Hi Meredith....I was amazed at the number of squashed turtles in the road the last time I drove north from Florida.

    Hi Lorraine...they tried moving George to a sanctuary on one of the bigger Galapagos Island and breeding him with females of a similar subspecies but all the eggs were sterile.

    Thanks to all for the positive comments about my tortoise.


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