Sunday, June 10, 2012

How Many Legs Should a Dragon Have?

As everyone can see by the question I am showing my deeply essential nerdiness here.  In reality  earthly dragons should be shown as having two legs and wings.  Think bats, their wings resemble long webbed fingers.  However I have always worked on the assumption that dragons are not evolved from any animal on Earth, but from someplace else.  Read REAmDe by Neal Stephenson for the best explanation of Other Matter  and how its works.  He put into words what has always been my instinct. In Game of Thrones the dragons have two legs, but their wings look like they almost function as hands.  It will be interesting to see how they approach a kill.  And speaking of dragons what was up with Avatar having the humanoids be the only life form on the planet with four legs, arms?  Just give me an explanation other than six legs/arms being too creepy for audiences.

Of course Chinese dragons get around all this by having no wings, period!  But they have colors depending on what they guard and toes....numbered by how high they are.  As I recall a five toed dragon is only for the emperor.....and they I think they are called Long.  Tea with a dragon anyone?

This little riff was brought on when I built the dragon yesterday and this morning.  I was glazing when I just wanted to make this guy.  Eventually they will be whistles.  I have figured that the whistle part has to made when I get the initial figure closed in, before legs, feet, wings etc.  I considered scales, but given the way I decorate I feel that scales would only get in the way.

The sun finally came out enough to dry everything off yesterday.  Proge mowed while I stayed inside due to allergies.

We are so glad the weather is warm.  The dryer belt broke a few days ago.  This is when we start hanging clothes to dry anyway.  I'm  just so pleased and grateful that it isn't winter.

Enjoy the day.

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  1. What a great dragon, can't wait to see him glazed.

  2. He looks properly legged to me but then I have never seen one close up:))

  3. Hi Linda...I'm trying to think about glazing now....instead of taking six month to figure it out!

    Hi Patti...dragons are very elusive....sometimes we hear them on the roof or out in the woods....of course that could just be nuthatches and towhees clomping around. Little birdies in combat boots?

  4. Lovely dragon...just thinking of Harry Potter (tee hee, he should have been a potter!) What Linda said, can't wait to see him/her finished.

  5. looking good! Isn't it interesting how different cultures have dragons in their mythology :^)

  6. Hi Barbara.....I've always thought that Harry Potter missed his calling!

    Hi Anna....dragons seem to be part of a universal mythology.

    Hi Gary....thanks, that means a lot coming from the Godzilla master!

  7. I am delighted to find someone, at last, that cares about the number of legs a Dragon has! The poor humble fire breathing creatures have been so feared and marginalized over the years, that few of our kind seem to notice if they have 2,4,6,8 or 3,5,7,9 legs, or if they are monoplanes, biplanes, triplanes. There are questions that need to be answered about Dragon diet too, although this aspect of a Dragon's life seems to be one of the most carelessly studied! We have some evidence that Dragons may occasionally reach as far South as New Zealand; there are serpentine marks near isolated waterways that some would say were made by eels sliding from watery ooze to pasture. There are charred sticks and patches in the grass, that the blinkered would say were the marks left by camp fires....
    Lovely Dragon.

  8. What a cute dragon and I think he has legs enough *smile*. Have a great day.


  9. Hi's nice to know that there is a concern for dragons on the far side of the world. I think that very often they aren't taken seriously. It's so easy to attribute the signs they leave as belonging to the mundane world. I've always felt that this is a largely undermined subject worthy of Monty Python or Douglass Adams. Dragon may be unfairly maligned as to their dietary preferences. Is a Fair Young Maiden any tastier than a calf?

    E. Nesbit posited that cats are tamed dragons.....just a thought.

    Hi Elna...thanks for coming by.


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