Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Solstice.....or


I have finally figured out how to make mugs using balloon as a form.  The trick is to use big balloons and only blow them up a bit.....DUH!  I left the seams showing on the exteriors and put the little feet on at different angles.  Part of me wants them to be very straight up and down, but I am liking more and more the ones that are tilted.  I have enough to experiment with different methods.  Also may go in a slightly different direction with my decorations.  The ideas are flowing.  Now the thing to do is to get stuff into order so I can have some idea of how to get where I want to go.

I have to finish the rims and give each a final going over for stability, clay crumbs etc.  

We'll see, grasshopper......well see....


I have five hostas in planters along the driveway.  They are supposed to look like this.

Instead four of the five look like this.  Notice that they ate just the leaves not the stems.  The night before they ate all the buds off a day lily out in the woods and a bunch of big deal but I did sprinkle ground chili peppers all over the area.  It never dawned on me that they would attack the hostas.  Silly me, I should know better!  I think the fifth one survived when Winter went out late at night.  The really galling thing is that the violets growing in the planters were completely ignored.  Why eat violets when there is this tasty salad?

And here is Winter looking like butter won't melt in her mouth after digging three Winter sized holes in the yard.

This first day of summer is being escorted in by a heat wave.  It's supposed to be up in the nineties today and tomorrow at least, with high humidity accompanying the temp.  Personally, I thrive in this weather, but then I can take frequent breaks, sip iced drinks and sit in the shade....and of course there is a huge difference between heat in the city and heat in the country.

Enjoy the Solstice.

Thanks for stopping by............*s*


  1. Those darn deer, just when things are looking nice they come along and munch, when I lived in the mountains they were always doing that one got so aggressive it chased our dog to the front porch, seems the neighbors were feeding it.

    Isn't it fun when the ideas are flowing, those will be some fun mugs, I have thought of using a balloon for some pieces but wonder how to release it without disturbing the piece, do you let the air out slowly or prick the balloon with a pin?

  2. neat looking mugs!
    sorry about the hostas :-(

  3. We were just talking about doing the ballon thing. I didn't know if it would work or how to go about doing it. Thanks, now I have some good advice for my student.
    Sorry about the hostas but they should come back.

  4. Suzie - love your mugs - hand built around a soft balloon form? Great idea.
    And the deer are eating my hostas as well. Drives me crazy.

  5. Cute dog and bad deer. I think your mugs are wonderful.


  6. Hi Linda....People have no idea what they are doing when they treat deer as pets. Chasing your dog is a first!

    I let the cups set up until they are soft leather then hold the top of the balloon and pierce is with a pin tool and let the air out slowly. I cover the balloons with tissue paper before I start working so they release easily. I do a lot of interior cleanup to clean up overlaps and seams.

    Hi Michele...thanks, the hostas are survuors!

    Hi Lori...if you need more info let me know. These hostas are from a few little sprigs that survived the deer at my back house when I stopped lving there.

    Hi Judy....thanks. I am going back to making a spray out of jalapenos and garlic. I enjoy hearing them sneeze when they smell it!

    Hi you have deer to annoy your gardens? Happy you (and everyone) like the mugs!

  7. I love hosta's but can't keep the slugs from eating them. So sorry about yours. Those deer eat everything don't they.
    I love these mugs but am sitting here like a dummy trying to figure out how you did these. lol
    Thanks for stopping by today and leaving me such a nice comment.
    I do appreciate you

  8. ooooh, I love those mugs! great shape.


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