Sunday, July 8, 2012

Frogs or......OOOPS!

I thought I still had 100 lbs of clay ready to use.  Alas, I have about twenty-five pounds of the clay I use for making hand building forms and test stuff.  I also have 25 lbs. of my white clay that I use when I make when I want to underglaze.  I now have 200 lbs. both slaking and drying.  I could buy some more that is ready to go I suppose. But by the time it got here my own will be ready to go. I really like this clay I use (Laguna Miller 20) and I am too much of a nudge to spend money when with a little work, I have the body I like.

Ah well, I have plenty of work to do in glazing and decorating.

Here are frogs of various I glazed....the others are all guys who have been around the pond this spring and summer. 

This little tree frog was perched on a yellow flag.  They blend in with rocks and other flora.  They are probably the noisiest little critters around.  They puff up and sound like New Year's Eve rattles and horns.  They are recognizable by the difference in their color patterns.

And finally the day lilies have started blooming.  I've been sprinkling them with chili powder in an effort to keep the deer from having them for dessert.

It was 65F when I took Winter out at 5:30 AM....I put on a sweatshirt!  It's about 82F now with low humidity.....a good afternoon for sitting by the pool under the umbrella with a chai latte.

 I have bread rising which I will bake in my counter top convection oven.  This is probably the best kitchen appliance I have ever purchased.  With cooking for just the two of us, turning on the big oven always feels so wasteful.  And in summer it makes for more heat in the house.  It's big enough to roast a good sized chicken, cookies, bread etc. And it draws a lot less power than the stove oven.

Enjoy the day.  Thanks for stopping by..............*s*


  1. i am dreaming of cooler weather here... I heard it was coming this week!
    I have a small cuisinart oven that we use all the time. For two people it's just right.

  2. your weather sounds was very muggy and still hot here. I love frogs of any kind- those are very cool!

  3. I was preparing some reclaimed clay the week before last and then I got side tracked with ballooning so it may have to be sandwiched with moist clay and wait for it to soften again. I tell my students that it is the original recycled material (pre firing of course)Some how I always have more of this than the ready to use bagged variety. Thank god for the pugmill.

  4. What a lot of frogs *smile* Have a great day.


  5. Frogs really do have amazing voices for their size don't they? We have a barking dog frog here that sounds just like one. Your weather sounds devine. Enjoy every bit of it.

  6. Have you ever heard the frogs song in Puerto Rico? It's really sweet.

  7. Hi Everyone....Thanks for all your comments. It appears that a good portion of the country is either in sauna or steambath weather mode. It's hot here but the humidity is low. We could use some rain....watering is just not the same for gardens........*s*

  8. Dearest Suzi,
    Love all your frogs and especially your photos! You are a keen observer and nature lover. And isn't that the truth about natural rain...
    Love to you,

  9. We live in England and it is fascinating to see the different flowers and beasties that you have there. Wonderful photos and I love that frog! Minerva x


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