Monday, July 23, 2012

Orchid Cactus And.....

I have done a good amount of research on these and why they are called orchid cactus continues to elude me.  They have been listed as  epiphyllums, but the consensus is that they are misnames because the flower looks like it a separate plant from the leaves.  Some say it's really a schlumbergera.  Whatever!  The flowers are big (about 3-4 inches long) and beautiful.

I took the photos below over a period of three days.  This particular bloom was hidden at the back of the plant so I didn't get the first three or four days.  The blooms open slowly, over six or seven days.  The buds start as a funny little lump in notch of a leaf.

The leaves below the flower in the first photo are those of a Christmas Cactus.

I may post more later, but for now  I'm off to change the D.E. in the pool filter and do some glazing.

Enjoy your day, and as always, thanks for stopping by............*s*


  1. I have a Christmas cactus that was started off of a leaf from one my grandmother had. It is huge now and if I time it right, it blooms at Christmas. I spaced out last year on leaving it out to get a blast of cold, and it bloomed this year in June! I get tons of blooms and it is so pretty when it blooms in December.

  2. I've never figured out why they are called orchid cactus either! And I only just found out recently that dragon fruit grow on a type of them! They are so beautiful though and smell lovely x

  3. Hi Tracey...last year was nuts. My Christmas cacti were bloomed out by Thanksgiving. The so-called sun casti that are supposed to bloom in April. Bloomed in November. But aren't they pretty when they flower!

    Hi Cat....I had no idea about the dragon fruit growing on a type.....thanks!

  4. That is really beautiful, I've never seen one before. Thanks

  5. that is so pretty! You can call it anything you want.
    Mine bloomed at Halloween last year.

  6. Beautiful and a lovely pink color.


  7. I've never heard of one of those it is beautiful and unusual.

  8. the bloom looks similar to the christmas cactus but much bigger. i have a christmas cactus that is 20+ years old... it often blooms twice a year, thanksgiving and easter. i am not sure it has ever bloomed at christmas!

  9. That is a huge bloom and so lovely. New to me also. I may have to shop around for one. I do like the unique.

  10. Hi Lori...they are pretty, aren't they?

    Hi Meredith....perhaps i'll call it Wanda!

    Hi Elna.....glad you enjoyed it.

    Hi Linda....thanks.

    Hi Christmas cacti rarely bloom at Christmas.

    Hi Patti....O think they are readily available. They love warm weather.

  11. Dearest Suzi,

    Found you via Elna's blog, via her Sunshine Award from you.
    Your cactus blooms are gorgeous, great photos! Those flowers look majestic.
    Just visit me by clicking on my name, than on 'About' and scroll down to find my blog and click the ling to enter.
    Love to you,
    Mariette's Back to Basics

  12. Hi Mariette...Thank-you so much for visiting my blog. Isn't it terrific that we meet here in the U.S. through Elna who is across the Atlantic? I'm enjoying browsing your blog.....loved the link to Cat Ladders!


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