Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rainy Day Project

There have been some beautiful photos of the full moon posted in various blogs.  Alas, such is not the case here.  We have had clouds and rain since last tuesday.  There have been some heavy downpours and a lot of drizzle which is just enough to kill any thought of being outside.

Instead, I woke up yesterday morning with an image of these goblets in my head.  Perhaps related to some dream or reading, who knows?  Of course there is a long journey between my mind's image and the reality of clay.

The goblet is built around my trusty balloons; the stems are pulled and rolled around dowels.  The pushed 'knees' add strength.

What I find strange about making these is that I drink my wine from blown glass goblets.  While I like the look of clay goblets I don't, as a rule, enjoy drinking from them.

I'm not at all sure where I am going with these.  I may make a few more fire them and let them sit in their unglazed state while I contemplate them.  Or I may send them to the recycle bucket....always a viable option! 

Pond pump problems last week.  Proge turned the pump off to do some work.  When we went to fill the filter would not prime!  Trouble shooting ensued interrupted by a downpour......not a good idea to mess with electricity in the rain.  It rained all the next day.  Finally on the third day we got out there and realized it was sucking air.....joints reglued....wait several hours for drying and presto! we have a working swamp filter and waterfall.  The fishies are very happy.  Actually, I don't think they noticed as we threw a sump pump in to keep the water circulating.

I am still congratulating myself for not taking photos of Proge wading in the pond, swearing at the pump!

I had ten moonflowers in bloom when I took Winter out at 6 A.M.  yesterday.  The rain really beats them up.  The look like a bunch of bedraggled petticoats.

This post can also been seen at Mud Colony.  There's interesting stuff there; take a look!

Have a dry....or if you need rain....wet week end.

As always. thanks for stopping by............*s*


  1. I would like to see you goblets completed with your majolica technique!
    I occasionally make goblets, where as Jeff makes them all the time - mostly bisque fired and sold to a potter who glazes them and sells them at Ren. fairs.

    I find I prefer to drink red wine from them... for white I still prefer glass.

    We've had rain the last two nights, so no moon for us either. Perhaps tonight.

  2. No rain here, hopefully tomorrow, Those are great goblets, very sculptural and unique, hope you finish them, would love to see them completed. Back in the seventies I had some tall ceramic goblets I used to drink out of all the time, not sure where they've gone now. I drink wine out of glass now because I got used to that - having visited so many California wineries and I like to see the color of the wine.

  3. The moons was shining here really brightly but this morning a lot of mist although in the afternoon a few sunny moments... these goblets look very special - they remind me of the Holy Communion - our priest distributes the communion wafer out of these. Really lovely! Christa

  4. Dearest Suzi,

    Just got home from a nice visit with dear friends but it rained on the way home an heavy afterward. That made me read your post with more awareness. Glad you fixed the pond problem and yes, I know those moments that a camera would not be nice to use. My husband tried to fix several times the clogged up fountain in our (deep!) pond. He used the rubber boat to get to it. Tied ropes around two trees to secure the boat. But when he pushed against the rock island (on poles) where the fountain was nestled while reaching for the fountain, he pushed the boat away underneath him. His tools ended on the bottom of the pond and he fell into the murky water as well. Oh, I missed it but what a sight. That happened more than once. End of the story: rock island is gone and no more romantic fountain...
    Your goblets are standing very well model for the type of weather you describe. Maybe you can fill them with some flower arrangement since you don't like drinking from them.
    Hugs to you and hope your new week goes smooth,


  5. I love the organic look of your goblets! I have to admit that I've never tried drinking wine from a pottery goblet or anything at all from one...but I'm always impressed by them! If you do decide to finish them, I'd love to see the final result!

  6. I have never tried hand building goblets, yours are really interesting and remind me of tulips, partly because of the shape, but also because of the petal like joins in the clay. Really nice.

  7. Hi Michele.....Thanks, I'm thinking about glaze...

    Hi Linda....Thanks, they'll go through bisque at least.

    Hi Christa....Mist can be so pretty and long as no driving is involved!

    Hi Mariette...Sometimes a picture is not necessary..... I absolutely saw your story...vividly. It's not polite to laugh at others' misfortunes, but that story is priceless.

    Hi Brenda...Thanks, I think wine tastes better from glass....but that is probably me.

    Hi Peter......Thanks, I like your description of them.

  8. Those look great. I've been looking for a wine cup or goblet with no luck, I may need to make my own or see what these look like when they are complete.


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