Saturday, October 20, 2012


These little bulb shapes can be made into many little animal whistles.  When I was first learning to make whistles my mentor/teacher/dear friend, Nancy, hand built all of hers.  I wanted my whistles to be informed by, but not indistinguishable from hers.  Thus I came up with the idea of a thrown form I could use in a variety of ways.

I turn the cones on their side for the fish and pig.  The penguin and mouse are trimmed and have wings, ears, noses, beaks added.

I'm trying an elephant, a hippo, a rhino next.  We'll see, Grasshopper.......we'll see......

There seemed to be some confusions about the house on Wordless Wednesday.  I showed all four sides of one building.  I'm contemplating more.

We covered the pond with the leaf net last week end.  Just in time too!  The first year we just put it on the water surface....BIG MISTAKE!  We spent the winter watching it slowly sink under the weight of wet leaves.  A mess to get out in the spring.  Now we use s few saplings to make a frame to put the net over.

The fish are still swimming.  It's easy to mistake them for leaves on top of the net if we just glance at them.

The frogs like to sit on top of the net.  Sometimes they sit on on the frame and sometimes on the net itself.  Different strokes for different frogs.  They don't seem to have any trouble getting out from under the net or getting back in.


I stuck the Godzilla head is a flower pot to keep it from underfoot.  Last week these violas, which must have reseeded from the spring, started blooming.  There's no reason a monster shouldn't enjoy the flowers!

The sun is coming out after a night of heavy rain.....hope your week end is sunny or rainy depending on what you need.

This post can also be found over on Mud Colony.  Take a look and see who is there this week.

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  1. Is the net to keep the pond from freezing? Those frogs are so smart but sometimes not, we found a few tiny ones in our lanai that got in through the door some how, we go them out but this morning I see the cats found one and it has gone to frog heaven.

  2. love your whistles! Just as you prepare for winter we are preparing for summer... may they both be mild :^)

  3. Hi Linda....the net is to keep the leaves out of the water. We are surrounded my secondary growth forrest so there are a lot of them. We don't worry about ice as the pond is deep enough to always have water below the ice. Our cats are indoor so they aren't a problem. Winter will chase toads and frogs but much prefers crickets.

    Hi Anna.....thanks. One of the things i really like about blogging is that I can vicariously enjoy your summers.

  4. i didn't realize that your whistles started as thrown vessels. very cool.

  5. Lovely pictures and you are doing such cute small animals.


  6. Dearest Suzi,

    That is a great idea the way you cover up your pond. Ours is too big for doing this...
    So you are a big tea drinker; good for you! Far better than any soft drinks. I enjoy it too.
    Hugs to you,

  7. Lovely to have a visit from you, thank you and glad I have found your blog again.
    Your little whistles are so cute, and love your sweet violas.
    I have some that have self seeded around my lime tree growing in a pot.

    Happy new week

  8. Hi Michele...Thanks. I do hand build some whistles now. I came up with the idea of throwing forms as a way to avoid complete knock offs!

    Hi Elna.....Thanks.They're fun to make too!

    Hi Mariette.....We have managed to avoid a skimmer by using the net. I want one for the pool.

    Hi Carolyn....Thanks for finding me again. It's so easy to lose track. Violas like to reseed!

  9. Your whistles look really fun. I'll bet they appeal to kids of all ages. I didn't realize you make the bodies on the wheel, great idea.

  10. Whistles! What a great idea. Can't wait to see the finished product. I might need one for my "is it a flute?" presentation.


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