Tuesday, October 9, 2012


THIS is why I don't refire footed plates.   They crack in an almost perfect circle around the rim.  It seems to be the stress of cooling.  This plate was warm when I started the kiln.  The kiln cooled slowly.  The pots were warm to the touch, but it split as soon as I picked it up.  I assume this particular style of plate simply can't withstand the stress of a third firing.  Sometimes they crack in the firing.  Which only goes to show that it's only worth it to refire as an experiment.

It's interesting that coupe plates refire with no problems at all.  Clocks, on the other hand, crack into one, two or more pieces.  Some things are and will remain a mystery.

I am reasonably happy with the way the design came through.  After I smooth it off it will make a good trivet.

The rest of the firing gave me pretty good results.  I'll post more of them when I take more photos.

Below is the little version I made of my auto, Red Rabbit, last Christmas.  It kept getting pushed to the back of the shelves and neglected.  I remembered it this time because after a tune-up my car passed inspection with no problem.  Considering how well it's running now I have a feeling it's needed a tune-up for a while.

Much as I try to deny it the weather is definitely getting cooler....it's down and dirty time.  We're installing the wonderboard for the stove we are moving upstairs to replace the worn out Franklin stove.  Stoves are heavy and not fun to move around.

I would reeeeellllly like it if we could get the inside of the house looking half as good as the outside looks.  The cobbler's children go barefoot!

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  1. I have yet to refire anything, (except in my high fire college days and that was a disaster anyway) that footed plate is a sad tale, but the car is wonderful. We were also considerably cooler today and I am firing the glaze load we shall see how it all fares, many experiments in this load.

  2. Dearest Suzi,

    Wow moving a stove around is tough! Wish you better luck than with your refiring. Never mind, life goes on.
    Hugs to you,

  3. buggers on the plate--
    winter seems to be well on its way.

  4. i suppose you had nothing to lose with the re-fire. Interesting the way the way it cracked off!
    It's been chilly here in the south for two days... we broke down and lit the wood stove in the gallery/studio and turned the gas heater on in the house.

  5. Clay can do the weirdest things, drives me mad sometimes! Just when you think you have it figured out, it goes and does something crazy. Yay for cooler weather here in the south, it's been a very hot summer :)

  6. Hi Linda....When I am feeling frustrated I make some whistles. More rain....just enough to make being outside unpleasant.

    Hi Mariette....You are so right....the dogs bark etc. It always surprises me at the weight of cast iron!

    Hi Meredith....Buggers sums it up. How cold does is get down your way?

    Hi Michelle....almost every plate of that style that I've refired cracks in the same way!

    Hi Tracey.....Clay certainly keeps us on our toes!

  7. Hi Gary....That just about sums it up! I'm pretty happy with the rest of it though.


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