Sunday, November 11, 2012


HUZZA and CONGRATULATIONS!!!  To Adriana for starting and maintaining Mud Colony for the last year.  A great big THANK YOU! for all the time and work you have put into maintaining this site.  I am a relative newcomer from over oceans and continents.....what a great way to become connected to the pottery world.

My original post title was going to be.....WHAT HAVE I DONE NOW?

In the middle of October I decided to join my old art association and participate in their annual Christmas Sale.  At one time it was just for potters.  Several years ago it was opened up to all members of the association.  Things are looking up with improved security etc. so I decided to give it a go once more.

Then we had stormzilla and a nor'easter in quick succession.  I lost almost two weeks time, including a kiln firing,  Now I am madly playing catch up.  And relearning all my organizational skills, which were pretty good, but which I seem to have left behind when I retired from my day job.  Slowly the wheels and cogs are engaging gears and the knowledge is coming back.

Below is one of the tests I did in a firing from last summer.  It's a new-old glaze called Taffe.  I call it a semi-matte.  It's a little thin on the exterior of the test bowl.  It's easy to work on the raw glaze and fires very nicely at ^05.  It probably would be a little shinier at ^04.

The little bowl below is glazed in my favorite Linda Arbuckle Majolica.  The plaid is a new design.  I'm still working on getting a good photograph but the idea comes across.  I think I'm going to enjoy combining this with some of my flower and fish images.

My Christmas cacti are in the holiday spirit.  They started blooming a few days ago.  The orange, which is an older variety, is always the first to bloom.  The other colors will follow in succession in January.  Does anyone else feel odd speaking of 2013....where did the year go?

Edited at 2:00 PM:

I intended this post for Mud Colony, but stuff came up before I could put it up there.  Hit the link and take a look anyway; there are more new potters every week!


As always........thanks for stopping by............*s*


  1. Best of luck with catching up after the storm. Your cactus is beautiful, I really like the orange. My pink one shows no sign of blooming yet.

  2. Hey Suzi, You might already be aware, but I didn't see this on your blog roll -- Linda Arbuckle has a blog and last 2 posts were about Majolica decorating colors. Of course I thought of you.

    Hope preparing for your sale goes well!

  3. *derp*....forgot to include the link:

  4. Hi Michele.....I'm getting there, slow but surely. I have Christmas cacti in many different colors. I get them to set buds by leaving them outside until we are threatened with frost. They're phototropic so they will set bud if given enough dark. I fertilize like crazy.

    Hi Barbara...Thanks for the link to Linda's blog; I lost it along with a bunch of others a while ago.
    I did a workshop with Linda at Haystack in 2002. Even if you aren't into low fire I totally recommend doing a workshop with her. She has so much knowledge about decoration and truly is the Majolica Queen.

  5. mine are in full bloom and I do the same thing leave them out as long as possible. Last year they bloomed for Halloween and I am sure it was from bring them in too soon. I really need to re-pot them- suggestions on when?
    And, really, let's not talk about 2013- I like 2012...

  6. Dearest Suzi,
    Love the bowl you show here; a humorous version of a fish.
    Oh, you better hurry up if you want to catch up on all those weeks lost. This year will not provide enough time for doing it all. Crazy indeed, we are being pushed forwards to 2013.
    Hugs to you,

  7. Your plates came out super, I've never gotten an xmas cactus to bloom except when I first bought it. Ha.

  8. What a cute bowl the one with a fish and your flower is lovely. Have a nice start to the week.


  9. I love Mud Colony, it's so much fun to meet new artists there.

  10. I kind of got behind in my replies. Thanks everyone for visiting Christmas cacti seem to have become part of our landscape.....not a bad thing.


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