Saturday, December 1, 2012

Many Things

I'm leading off with a new cup I bought at the Christmas Sale at the South County Art Association..It's by Jason Fong the new gallery manager at SCAA.  The interior is called ice blue.  I wish my photography could properly show the subtlety of the glaze.  It looks wonderful with tea, with or without milk, in it.  

It was fired in The Glauworm Kiln that Thomas Ladd (click on Process) developed.  There's also a Youtube video that has been very iffy about downloading.  It's a fascinating process, that almost makes me want to try wood firing.

This is the low fire glaze, Taffe.  In the top photo the pot was fired to a low ^05.  The glaze application is a little thin, but it has always had this smooth matte surface.

Below is the same glaze fired to ^04.  It's much shinier, not glaringly so but definitely shiny.  The white is a little colder than I like, but a little rutile should warm it up.  Very old low fire glazes had a warm, yellowish color due to the lead in them.

It seems to work equally well whether it's brushed or dipped.  Of course these are all small test bowls.  Things don't always work out on larger pots, but I am definitely going to do more testing with this one.


It turns out that I lost the filling I mentioned in my last post because the tooth has broken in half.  Nothing for it but to pull it!  It's in the back of my mouth and will not cost anything near what a root canal and crown would cost.  Monday morning will see me at the oral surgeon....whoopee!

I'm not anticipating any problems....we'll see, grasshopper, we'll see.

I'm starting to think about what I want to explore and experiment with in the dull days of January and February.  I want to try some larger shoe whistles and of course the Taffe glaze.....maybe more as ideas come.

This posting will be on Mud Colony and Artists In Blogland.  Click the links and see what's going on.  There's always something interesting to see and read.

Enjoy the weekend and, as always...........thanks for stopping by........*s*


  1. Love that toasty wood fire brown! And I love that you got such a great matte at low fire - wonder if it's fully melted?
    But the shiny glazes on your test bowls are lovely as well.
    Too bad about losing your tooth - hope all goes well!

  2. Your decorative drawings/paintings are so lovely. And it's great you have a matt clear. Sorry about the tooth, sending healing energies for after an easy extraction!

  3. Dearest Suzi,
    You're quite an artist and manage to create some interesting pieces!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. those bowls are beautiful!
    sorry about the tooth :-(

  5. Your glazes are so interesting. I'll look forward to seeing the ones that aren't tests!

    Bummer about your tooth! I'm sure things will go well with it.

  6. Hi Judy....I just wish my photos could do the mug justice! I've been using the matte bowl a does't mark with eating utensils, or flake off, so I assume it's mature.

    Hi Barbara....Thanks. It's not really a clear glaze. I'm having fun with it though.

    Hi Mariette...Thanks.

    Hi Michele...We'll see, grasshopper, we'll see....

    Hi Elizabeth....Now I need to make a larger quantity and see what happens.

    Thank you to everyone for you kind thoughts and wishes re: the tooth!

  7. Nice cup and your fishplate is adorable.


  8. I have a plan- that we should grown new teeth when we hit 50- I have had 3 root canals and I can tell you that they hurt like hel*!
    Nice pots are you are making there.

  9. Hi Elna...The cup is also nice to drink from too.

    Hi Meredith....Sign me up! I had two root canals in a year and a half. What a drag!

  10. i love cups like that... they always look so cozy!

    your fish bowl is so pretty... i love anything with a fish design.

  11. You are a wonderful artist - I can tell from far! Yesterday evening we were invited at a friends house and there was a lady who is doing pottery and has a studio. She showed me some of her work and explained a lot to me! It is amazing and I look at those pieces of art with admiration! I am sure you'll come up with a great project for January/February and we want to know everything about it! ;o) Christa

  12. Ouch, I hope the tooth pulling goes easily and that you aren't in too much pain (or any) after. Feel better and enjoy some soup for dinner.

  13. Hi Molly.....Thanks and BIG THANKS for finding me. Fish are so goofy...(Have you looked at fish lips?)...they're a large part of my vocabulary.

    Hi Christa...Does your pottery friend have any sort of we site. Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Lori.....Well it all went reasonably well. Thanks for the kind thoughts...I'll do a post tomorrow.


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