Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter.....Weather Not The Pup!

As most of your probably know we are going through a cold wave here in the north east.  Today has been a little warmer...... 10F at 6:00 AM rather than yesterday's 2.  There are places a lot colder than here, but the people I really feel for are the Sandy survivors who still have no heat and are spending nights in heated tents. I find it irresponsible and reprehensible that people who live in one of our largest cities are still without heat and other utilities.  I have always thought that it is the duty of an advanced society to take care of those who suffer disasters and other deprivations.

Climbing down off my very large hobby horse!

Now that we have the Jotul installed it provides  (even without fans) enough heat along with the southern windows and my little heater  to make it possible to work in my downstairs studio for about  four hours every day.  The exception is when it stays below 15F all day.  I have a small area upstairs where I can decorate  and paint.  But I haven't needed to make it a permanent space which I use until March the way I have n previous years.

I rolled out several slabs of clay and cut them into various sizes.  As I may have said before I feel no particular attachment to them and throw most of them in the slop bucket.  The roosters below are the first ones I have even thought about saving.  I was messing around with color, then realized I really want to work in a true ink and wash style.  I'm using a black mason stain with frit 3124 thinned to various densities.  A little glycerin in the mix makes for smoother brushing.

After all these years you would think that I would be prepared for the way brushes and inks feel and respond to different surfaces!  Alas, such is not the case.

I baked a nice yeast corn bread yesterday.  I soaked the corn meal by pouring boiling water over it and letting it cool before I began the making.  It gave the loaf a nice corn flavor with out the grittiness I sometimes find in corn bread.  The only thing wrong was that the crust on the bottom was too light.  I know it's because I didn't heat the cast iron pan first.  Maybe next time I'll get a photo of it before it's mostly gone.

And a correction on                                  Helper Cat Haiku

Pristine blank surface
Curious cat explorer
Black paw prints remain

Stay warm, cool and happy and enjoy your week end.

As always, thanks for stopping by.............*S*


  1. Are you going to put roosters onto clay or slip? I like your ingenuity, rather than just using ink. They look very proud!

  2. They do look proud, I like the middle one the best.

  3. I am digging the roosters. They were look great on clay.
    Cold here today- but the kiln is cooling and I am trying to stay warm.
    I can just hear ice pelting the windows as I sit here feeling lucky with heat, a warm bed and home.

  4. Such a beautiful picture. Have a nice weekend.


  5. Hi Barbara.....I may do a few on unfired clay, but most of my work is done on unfired glaze.

    Hi Lori....Thanks; they still need a lot of work!

    Hi Meredith...Thanks. I'm looking forward to firing results. Sounds like you are having sleet....we may have more snow on the way.

    Hi Elna....Thanks; enjoy the weekend.

  6. Yes, we are having a day of sleet here in Seagrove. Everything is encased in ice and the temps are in the 20's.
    Your roosters are awesome... have you thought about making some tiles with roosters?

  7. Golly, must be a time for chickens, eh? I n your work and mine :)

  8. Dearest Suzi,
    So sorry to read this info about several families still suffering after Sandy hit them hard. Guess Obama no longer can use the media attention for his own benefit... Too bad, but a tragic fact of his narcissism. Could you mold and bake him over again?
    Hugs to you and stay cozy during the weekend.

  9. Hi Michele.....Thanks, hope you are staying off the roads. Ice is treacherous but so beautiful in the sun.

    Hi Gary.....Roosters and dragons....okay for you it's godzillas....and very naughty cats.

    Hi Mariette...I think politically we have to agree to disagree. Enjoy the weekend and those beautiful camellias/tea plants.

  10. I like the roosters, and I was interested in your tip about adding glycerine, it sounds a good idea.

    Cold is hard to imagine at the moment as we have been having some really hot weather in our part of the world for the last few days.

  11. Your roosters are worth hanging on to! It's cold in Seattle too, and we aren't used to this business.

  12. Hi Peter....Thanks. The glycerine smooths the stain and gives it more the feeling of watercolor wash.

    Weather never stops surprising us!

    Hi Mrs.G......So nice to hear from you; glad you like the roosters. I thought Seattle was supposed to be sort of balmy. Ah welllllll.

  13. Do we get to see Manatee on clay too?


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