Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Looking Back

 Mariette did a post on her blog on April 25, 2013 about Sisters Dressed Like Twins. That led me to find this photo of my big sister Prudence and me.  Obviously, since she was eight years my senior we couldn't dress like twins, but she used to make us look-alike dresses.  It's a little difficult to date this photo, but I know Prudy was in high school, probably a senior which would make me about nine.  We may have been going to church or more probably to some summer lawn party.  As you can see, even little girls wore white gloves when they were dressed up.  I don't think I stopped wearing them until I moved out of New York in 1964.

It being Time Warp Tuesday I think this is an appropriate picture.  It sure brings back the memories!

We had to put the netting back on the pond.  Well, at least it seems like a good idea.  Our old friends the Red Tail Hawks have spent days sitting on the branches over the pond eyeing the fish.  There's nothing like having a beady hawk eye on you.  It was like a word balloon over his head, "Dude, that is food and if you are not going to eat it I am!"

We've had hawks on our property ever since we started living here over thirty-five years ago.  I am assuming that these are descendants of the original pair...who knows how long hawks live?

Other than the nuisance of having to have the net on it's really cool to have the hawks around again.  They have little fear of humans or vehicles.  Once we get the water hyacinth and other plants in they will provide enough cover for the fish to hide.

I put the pump and filter in the pool now that really seems to be warm enough not to have frost at night.    The water temp is only 60F but I like seeing the pool open.  It should be warm enough to swim by the beginning of June.  68F is when I go in.  I still remember swimming in the ocean when sixty was considered warm!  I'm still not sure how we did it; I think children have some sort of built in armored we suits!

We are in for a stretch of beautiful weather.  I'm hanging the laundry out today, doing a little of yard work and continue reorganizing my studio, with clay play time thrown in.

Enjoy the day!

As always thanks for stopping by..............*s*


  1. Great pic of girls with gloves...I remember them well! Now you need to take some pics of the hawks, hint hint...

  2. Love those ankle sox and gloves...I remember how itchy those lace cuffed ankle sox were - do you? Nice yard and pool. Hawks, yes, we have a mating pair as well and last year there were three...Netting over my duckies and bunnies. xox

  3. Ahh, such lovely memories! You are so lucky! Enjoy the warm weather - over here no laundry outside it is so cold! Christa

  4. To slip into some white gloves now and be comfortable with a sister in hand, ah wonderful.

  5. that picture is really a treasure.
    On the hawks; we have plenty here of all kinds, but we are not trying to keep anything from them.
    When and if we get chickens that story will be different.

  6. that old pic is utterly adorable :) how is your sister these days, are you two still just as close?

  7. Cool to have your garden hawks! I adore them. They tend to live about 30 years, depending on species.

    You girls look so pretty and prim! : )

  8. Hi Barbara....The hawks are definitely camera shy; I'll get them eventually.

    Hi Corinne.....Yes those socks were itchy!

    Hi Christa.....Sending warm thoughts your way!

    Hi Linda.....Prudy was a real big sister, always there.

    Hi Meredith...The picture brings back many happy memories.

    Hi Gary....Sadly, my sister died two and a half years ago, before I started this blog.. After she moved to we were on the phone continually....to the point that I had a cheap dedicated phone card.

    Hi Midori....So our hawks could possibly be the original pair, or at most an offspring.

  9. Nice with memories and the beautiful dresses you have. Our fireplace is in soapstone retains heat for a long time.



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