Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cinco de Mayo

Wishing a joyous Cinco de Mayo to all those who celebrate the day!  And to those who don't, it's a really good excuse to eat yummy Mexican food.  There are too many sites to mention here with excellent recipes and tips.  Google is called for!

I have been experimenting with a new (to me) decorating method.  I am outlining the design in wax resist, then painting in the colors.  The bottom photo show a cup with the resist design; the top right mug has the design painted in; the top left is a finished mug with the background color added.

I used my regular green wax resist, which by it's nature is runny.  I may switch to batik wax which I can mix to a consistency I like.  

I initially thought it might be a faster way to decorate, but hah! I say, HAH!  There is no such thing when it comes to majolica, at least the way I do it.

It's time to relearn patience and enjoy the process.  If you don't enjoy the process why on earth do it?

Below is a shot of the cut Cuban beer bread.  I used my regular Cuban Bread recipe substituting one and a half cups beer for the same amount of water and honey instead of sugar.  I wanted the honey to balance the bitterness that sometimes occurs when cooking with beer.  The amount of honey may have to be adjusted depending on the beer that is used.  This loaf had a mellow flavor with only a hint of sweetness.

I am not a real beer drinker so I let Proge choose the beer.  He came up with Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale which is very flavorful.  Next time I may try a wheat beer.

Finally it's feeling like real spring.  The early morning light has changed with the tilt of the earth.  And my favorite beech tree is leafing out.  It's one of the earliest trees to leaf.....yes, there will be a spring this year!

Beech trees have their own timetable for leafing.  We have one out in the woods that doesn't begin to leaf until most of the woods is in full leaf.

Someday I hope to put in a copper beech in the woods behind the house.  Game of Thrones people will understand why.

There's no Mud Colony this week, but everyone should take a look at what Adriana has been doing at Gulgong 2013.  Now I want to visit down under more that ever!

We're in a streak on sunny, warm weather. with no rain expected until the beginning of the week.  I hope it's a spring rain and not one of our New England bone chillers.  Rain is good but....

Enjoy spring and, as always, thanks for stopping by.............*s*


  1. We've had rain and now a cool down strange indeed, but not complaining cause moving in cool weather is much better than hot. Batik wax, one thing I'd like to try in my lifetime is paint on fabric particularly batik.

  2. Dearest Suzi,
    Happy Cinco de Mayo to you dear friend!
    Fun post and yes, I know the Batik wax as I've seen it being used in Indonesia many times... CAN one relearn patience?!
    As for the beech trees, I LOVE them as they hold on to their dry leaves all throughout winter; creating a nice glistening in the sun when all other trees are bare. Yes, their leaves but out last in our wood garden!
    Hugs to you and have a happy May week.

  3. golly your woods are something else! best wishes with the decorating indeed! and beer for your perfect bread recipe makes DOUBLY perfect!

  4. They are sweet cups! I am peeking at those brushes behind them. I love brushes. I get Chinese brushes from Japan. Your bread looks gorgeous!

  5. Hi Linda....I agree, with packing being more pleasant in cooler weather. Perhaps you could explore batik in your new little home. As I recall it doesn't take a lot of equipment.

    Hi Mariette....I had some wonderful batik my sister-in-law brought me from Indonesia when she and my brother lived there many years ago. I have one tee left that I am thinking of turning into a wall hanging.

    Hi Gary.....One of the joys of living in the woods is the constantly changing light.

    Hi Midori...I'm a brush junkie, no doubt about it.


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