Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dog Haus

Thank you, all, for all the comments on Barkitecture....and a warm welcome to new followers and posters.

In 1999 the Oakland Museum of California held the exhibition DOG HAUS architecture unleashed.  Of course the title Dog Haus was a play on Bauhaus.  The entire show was funny and informative.  

I know I took photos, but they seem to have been lost when I moved out of the back house to this one. There is an article with many photos, but I can't get the link to work.  If you are interested just google the information in the photo I took of my tee shirt below and it should come up. 

Late edit...I've managed to find a link that is working, Architecture Unleashed.  It's working for me, at could give it a try.

There were information sheets with some plans and comments  but no real catalog.  Thus Barkitecture!

Houses for dogs, cats and there's a subject worth exploring in all my free time!

The yellow flags have started their mad blooming.  The are fascinating to watch as the buds unfurl to a certain point and then pop open.  So far I haven't been able to catch one in the process when I've had my camera at hand.  What I really need to do if I want the shot is set up my camera on a tripod and wait patiently!  Not my strong point at the moment.

For some truly fabulous photos click over Robin Hopper in his garden.

If you look hard at the photo below you can see some of our thousands of tadpoles.  I know there is a way to tell frog tadpoles from toad tadpoles (we have both frogs and toads in abundance) but it's beyond me to tell the difference.

Perhaps the title of this post should have been CLEANING, as I feel like that is all I have been doing lately.  In the house, in my studio, in the garden.....nothing but fixing stuff up for the summer.....which will end up with some nice's just a case of Keep You Eye on the Prize!

Meanwhile, I have the whistles that I make and keep on hand, in part, for times like these.  When I am really going nuts I take a break and glaze a whistle or two.  They can be time consuming to do but give me a needed change.  The whistles are nothing but fun for me.  Who can be serious about a blue hippo with flowers?  Shades of the nile!

Speaking of  Summer, it has least for the next few days.  It's up in the high 80's low 90's until Monday.  This is what I wait all winter for.  I am definitely a warm weather person......'nuff said!

I hope everyone is enjoying the sun and that winter has not been too bad yet for those down below.

This is going to posted over on Mud Colony......early, for me!  Skip on over and take a look!

As always, thanks for all the comments and stopping by............*s*


  1. Dearest Suzi,
    What a lovely idea that Dog Hause event in 1999. The link for sure did expire; that's what I got too. Searched on Bing but no luck.
    Wow, the water you found those tadpoles in looks so clear and natural. You're lucky to live in such an environment. My brother who's a biologist and frog expert, would be able to tell but I certainly can't.
    Hugs and happy summer!

    1. Hi Mariette...I managed to find a link that is working for me. Try if the link doesn't work. The tadpoles are in our pond; on a sunny day we can see a lot of stuff..........*s*

  2. I always wish some of the ideas for great shows would circle back around..... Like the Judy Chicago dinnerware show and Barkitecture. Love Robin Hopper's site! Nice to him in the garden :)

    Summer leaves tonight! Poppies and peonies bloomed in the 80+ degree heat yesterday. Must run around with the camera today!

    1. Hi Sandy....Perhaps shows should be redone every fifteen to twenty years or so. After all Lark is putting out it's second volume of 500 Teapots!

      My poppies are still getting ready to bloom. I hope they don't get bud rot this year.

  3. oh my, yes, cleaning...but spring-summer = JOY, yellow flowers and all....

    1. Hi Gary....Ah yes! The joy of summer! Right now I am positively wallowing in the warm!

  4. the tree frogs have been chirping up a storm here in our campground, lovely to see the photos of your summer coming along, will check out the barkitecture link.

    1. Hi Linda....Our tree frogs are just warming up. I expect to see them around soon..Good luck with the new RV!

  5. Beautiful yellow iris and so many frogs.


  6. Hi Elna....Spring isn't spring to me until the yellow flags bloom. Fortunately they don't all turn into frogs and toads.


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