Friday, May 10, 2013


After staring at various blank forms for the last month or more I have begun playing a bit.  What I have mentioned before and am now sure of is that I am many times more gestural when working with handbuilt forms.  For one thing I don't have to wait until the clay is set up enough to handle, and then there is the fact that I don't have to trim.

I'm experimenting a bit with lid attachments.  Hayne Bayless makes wonderful clay hinges for his very elegant teapots.  Me?  I'm not so elegant, so I'm trying to find an earthier(?), solution.  

I want them to interact;I like the way these little guys have something going on.  Arguing? Asking for directions?  Hero Worship?  I suppose to always have them in the position I want them in I'll have to make trays for them.  Oh the complications of life! (We all should have these be our only complications.

The pots below look sort of like teapots but they're meant to be cruets as they will only hold about eight ounces when they are finished.


AND here is the reason why I do not take cups or mugs I have collected into my studio.  Aloysius decided that this was a good morning for knocking thing onto the cement floor.  The mug was a second, but it was pleasant to drink from and by using it I solved the drawbacks, including the futzy way I constructed it.

The beech tree, now partially blocked by the white oak branch is getting greener.  Not so much other trees.

We're having a gorgeous sunny day between rainy days.  I'm alternating between time outside and time in the studio.  At last I feel fully thawed from winter.   (My brothers tell me there was snow on my birthday....April 12...around Lake Winnapasaukeh ....and they wonder why I don't want to move North!)

This post also can be found on Mud Colony.  There's all sorts of interesting stuff there.....especially Gulgong!

Enjoy the sun, moon and stars!  As always thanks for stopping by..........*s*


  1. that shed shows just how large those trees are, never saw a hinged lid before, what a good idea. watch the mail for a package.

  2. they do look like arguing cruets! can't wait to see how you decorate them.

  3. Hi Linda.....I took the picture from my second story deck so there is a lot of foreshortening, but the trees are good sized. It's secondary growth forest.

    Google Hayne Bayless to see some elegantly hinged teapots.

    Watch for a package? Oh My! The curiosity but is activated!

    Hi Michele....Most of my interacting pots end up in the slop bucket. These two are keepers! I'm waiting for them to dry a bit more before I start decorating.....under glazing is something I rarely do.

  4. Hi Linda....That's supposed to be Curiosity Button!

  5. Thanks for mentioning Hayne Bayless. Checked out the tea pots- wow, never would have thought of hinged lids.
    I see your cruet set has some attitude going on there.

  6. Dearest Suzi,
    Sorry your mug got broken...
    Your garden starts looking very lush and green. You have huge trees!
    Hugs to you and enjoy a lovely Mother's Day.

  7. What sweet pitchers and such a shame that Aloysius happened to stumble. Have a nice weekend.


  8. Sorry that beautiful mug got broken, I chipped my favorite mug on the soapstone sink...pencils for it now...Love your chippy pots having a conversation, they look quite cheeky to me. xox

  9. Hi Melissa....If you ever have a chance, you should do a workshop with Hayne.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Mariette....The sun shines green through the leaves. Right now we need rain.

    Hi Elena....Aloysius gave more of a paw bat than a stumble!

    Hi Corrinne...I continually recycle chipped and cracked pot into other uses!

  10. For inanimate objects, those teapots sure look alive!

  11. Hi Caroline....Thanks; there should be more in the near future!


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