Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Mugs #1

I'm starting Monday Mugs  even though family matters have prevented getting the group set up on Facebook.  Hopefully I will be able to do that this week.

I am leaning toward a closed circle a la Mud Colony.  Does anyone have any feelings about this?  You can respond here or on my Facebook page, where I am known as Suzi Caswell.

For now we can post mugs and link to each other.  

My mug for today is by Naomi Lindenfeld.  She has taught a few workshops at my old co-op, but I bought this one at the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen show at Mt. Sunnapee last summer.

She works with colored clays in intricate patterns.  She does a short demo at her site.....go take a look.

Obviously the interior of this mug is white. It's the only part of the mug that is glazed.  The clay is so fine that the surface is very comfortable to hold.  I think the interior works well as a contrast to the patterned exterior.

I'm going to post a link with this over on Facebook.  Perhaps a few other will join in over the week.  Remember you don't have to post today.

Enjoy what at least here in southern RI promises to be a sunny, breezy day.

As always, thanks for stopping by.............*s*


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Linda....I hope you will join in once you get your new house settles.

  2. Dearest Suzi,
    Lovely and finely decorated mug you have here.
    Wishing you all the best with family matters and strength too.
    Have not had much time for blogging and soon I'll be back on your side again.

    1. Hi Mariette.....Thank-you; family difficulties are easier to deal with when the whole family is working together.

  3. We have a few artist in NC that specialize in colored clay. The best know probably is Jane Peiser.

    1. Hi Cathy....Jane's work is gorgeous.

  4. Hi Suzi,

    I love your mug - the colours go so well together.
    Best wishes with your family matters.

    1. Hi Carolyn......Thanks; I have a lot of mugs to look at!


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