Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Whistling Wednesday

I am going to try to post some of the whistles I and friends have made over the years.  I have so many it seems like a good idea to share.

These are Snow Babies made by my friend and mentor Nancy Swanson ca. 1988-1991.  The whistles are at the tops of their  i caps. They are glazed in a textured white with a sparkle paint over.  We had many discussions about the best way to glaze them.

 I usually get then out for Christmas.  Having things made by potter friends and acquaintances is one of the neat things about being in clay!

A chilly, gray day with snow showers expected over the next few days!  Forget April being the cruelest month; February wins that title, no contest!

Please excuse any spelling errors and other typos. Yesterday Alosius and Friendly had an encounter with tea and the delete button.  It's very difficult to make any corrections!

As always, thanks for stopping by.........*s*


  1. The snow babies are sweet nice to have a remembrance of your friend

    1. Hi Linda....Thanks. Nancy had a real way with expressions and gestures.

  2. oh yes, February, sooo cold and snowy lately...April is called cruel when it too is cold and snowy....

    1. Hi Gary....Is it very wrong of me to be happy that I don't live with your snow accumulations? (trying not to gloat)

  3. Those are so sweet. They make you want o pick them up and cuddle them.

  4. Hi Lori...Thanks. I just wish my camera were not sick. New one coming!

  5. Dearest Suzi,
    Love Nancy's snow babies; very cute!
    No wonder you show them now as you are getting some snowy weather.
    Hope your PC is okay, I have to always hold on to my cup of tea wherever I am when the furry babies are nearby. One can never know with cats!
    Sending you hugs, we will have frost but again two more sunny days. Today we could walk!

  6. Hi Mariette....These were Nancy's take on snow babies that were originally made in Germany. I'm not sure if they are still being made, but I see imitations every where.
    My computer seems to be getting better, but it may entail a visit to the Apple Store!

  7. I forgot about snow babies! My daughter has a small collection that she received as gifts when she was a kid.
    Liquid and electronics don't mix well :-(
    My cat Sophie once knocked a martini glass filled with a cosmopolitan over and onto a new printer. I managed to save the printer, but it always made sticky squeaking sound. I hope your delete button recovers.

  8. Hi Michele...How neat that your daughter has some. Does she get them out for Christmas or have them out all the time?
    .I always see Snow Babies around Christmas. I guess it's the winter thing! I'm keeping these little guys out until the snow melts!
    I guess liquids, cats and computers just done't mix!


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