Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Foo Foo

Little Bunny Foo Foo showed up among the daffodils by the house yesterday.  He/she spent all days hiding in the foliage, but was gone this morning.

It was hard to get any sort of a picture due to the bright sun.  

Winter, who goes nuts over chipmunks in the yard, ignored it completely!  Go figure!

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Spring Surprise!

About a week ago I found a bud stalk in the midst of all the amaryllis greenery.  I staked it as it was in danger of breaking.  By yesterday it was in full bloom.

Although I have had them bloom midsummer, I generally think of them as a dead of winter flower.

I have no idea where this came from.  I have no memory of ever purchasing this color.  I think it is many years old and only decided to bloom this year.  I wish`I could figure out what I did during their growing/dormant season last year. Toes crossed that I can bumble my way into the same good fortune this year!

Happy Easter to those who celebrate.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tea with Tim See

Tim See mug (Well, it doesn't have a handle, but I am using it as a mug) I bought at his Earthworks workshop on Sunday, April 10 at SCAA.

This is one of Tim's robots, facing out.  I'm not sure what it is planning, but i am sure it will be interesting.  As in, "May you always live in interesting times!"

I took lots of photos before my battery ran out.  I will be sorting and posting them as I get to them.

Meanwhile, it is finally spring (toes crossed) and things are beginning to grow!

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Monday With Sun?

Monday is for mugs!  I seem to have inadvertently started a collection of what I call SIPPERS.They all hold about four to five ounces.  Just the right size for a bit of whisky or brandy.

The best collections are the ones that happen on their own.   

Although it has not been terribly warm the crocuses have begun blooming.  I can only assume that spring is on the way.

We may be able to do a bit of yard work this afternoon.  That's if we have the energy to do anything after braving the Monday Market!

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Monday 'Mug'

Not really a mug at all.  It holds about three ounces.

I used to make these many years ago at the end of throwing off the hump sessions.  I would keep them for glaze tests.  This is rust with yellow over brown speckle clay.

I know I made it in my first year because it's a ^6 clay body and glaze before I switched to majolica.

I also remember signing these with the signature I now use.  I used a different one when I started so I would not associate my early work with later stuff.

We are in the middle of a rainy, cloudy spell.  It's warmed up a bit from last week.  But I still have one very lonely daffodil shivering in my garden.

Toes crossed for some sun this week.

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Now and Then

Five years ago today we drove to Connecticut and brought Winter home.  She weighed all of eleven pounds.  Since then she has grown up to be a big girl of twenty-eight pounds.

I usually take a picture of her sitting in the daffodils.  This year the is still ice covering the garden with green spears sticking up.  Winter was having no part of sitting on ice for a portrait.  So we compromised and settled on her couch with blanket.  She is rather suspicious about this whole photography thing.

Although the daffodils are not anywhere near flowering, the petunias I wintered over indoors have begun to bloom in profusion.  Spring flowers are spring flowers wherever they bllom!

I made a loaf of my favorite Soda Bread in honor of the day.  This is a plain loaf which is very nice with butter and lemon marmalade, and a cup of tea.

I finally remembered to stop in a Michaels to buy some foam sheets.  I'll be making more templates this weekend.

I go to Michaels because it's convenient, but I like A.C.Moore much better.  Not so much better tha I am willing to drive an extra fifteen miles to go there.

Toes crossed that it really will warm up a bit this weekend!

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