Monday, March 27, 2017

Monday 'Mug'

Not really a mug at all.  It holds about three ounces.

I used to make these many years ago at the end of throwing off the hump sessions.  I would keep them for glaze tests.  This is rust with yellow over brown speckle clay.

I know I made it in my first year because it's a ^6 clay body and glaze before I switched to majolica.

I also remember signing these with the signature I now use.  I used a different one when I started so I would not associate my early work with later stuff.

We are in the middle of a rainy, cloudy spell.  It's warmed up a bit from last week.  But I still have one very lonely daffodil shivering in my garden.

Toes crossed for some sun this week.

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Now and Then

Five years ago today we drove to Connecticut and brought Winter home.  She weighed all of eleven pounds.  Since then she has grown up to be a big girl of twenty-eight pounds.

I usually take a picture of her sitting in the daffodils.  This year the is still ice covering the garden with green spears sticking up.  Winter was having no part of sitting on ice for a portrait.  So we compromised and settled on her couch with blanket.  She is rather suspicious about this whole photography thing.

Although the daffodils are not anywhere near flowering, the petunias I wintered over indoors have begun to bloom in profusion.  Spring flowers are spring flowers wherever they bllom!

I made a loaf of my favorite Soda Bread in honor of the day.  This is a plain loaf which is very nice with butter and lemon marmalade, and a cup of tea.

I finally remembered to stop in a Michaels to buy some foam sheets.  I'll be making more templates this weekend.

I go to Michaels because it's convenient, but I like A.C.Moore much better.  Not so much better tha I am willing to drive an extra fifteen miles to go there.

Toes crossed that it really will warm up a bit this weekend!

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Friday, March 3, 2017

Follow Up

As a follow-up to my last post here are some of the forms I use, and the mugs I make from them.

I also like to use balloons.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Handbuilt Mug

Here is a pictorial on how I make mugs using slabs with a form.

Materials: form, (Be sure it's cylinder or the bottom is smaller than the top.),slab rolled to even thickness, newspaper to cover form and make template, various tools and items for decoration.

Cover form with two layers of paper, leave enough overhang to cover the bottom Tape in place on side and bottom.  DO NOT tape paper to the form.  Using measured template cut slab for walls; allow for overlap of about 1/4 - 1/2 inch.
 Roll slab carefully around the form.

Overlap and attach edges.  The seam can be blended in or left as part of the decoration.  Trim edges at the seam to even out.

Cut circle slightly larger than the form for the bottom of the mug.

Fold edges of circle onto wall of mug and attach firmly.  Again this edge can be blended in or left as part of the decoration.

Roll a coil for the handle.  Drop coil gently to form flat side. Tap ends against work surface to make them fatter. Curve so the flat side is the inside of the handle.  It may take several tries to get one that works with the mug form.

Score clay on mug and handle and attach firmly.

Decorate the mug as desired.  Remove the form when the clay is set up enough to support itself.  Any extra paper at the top should be damp and tear away easily. When the clay is the consistency of firm leather and can be handled with distorting it, clean the rim and any other areas.  Remove the paper when the mug is completely dry.

Because I used wetter than usual clay for this project I did not need any slip to attach edges and bottom.  A good slip is a mix of vinegar and water.  Score and slip edges before attaching.

If there are any questions please respond below or PM me on FaceBook at Suzi Caswell.

Oh and because it is March 4........HARES AND RABBITS!

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sign of Spring!

  • Sun and clouds with temps in the sixties.  What a treat!

  • I took my first real morning morning walk around the yard, looking at what needs to be done. And I raked the leaves off the crocus bed.  The daffodils are up enough so that I will use the leaf blower to get the dead stuff away from the house.

  • I found this little viola blooming in one of the pots I didn't empty last fall.  Their hardiness is always a surprise!

The fish are swimming sluggishly  The water is still pretty cold..  Proge left the small pump in last fall to provide a bit of circulation.  It appears to have helped.  We don't usually take the net off until the trees are leafy and some of the water plants are covering a bit of the surface.  Otherwise we have visits from Hawk, Owl, and Heron, to say nothing of raccoon and fishercat!

Warm weather this early can be chancy.  The wild blueberries are apt to bloom then freeze if we get down to more normal temps.  We'll see, grasshopper....we'll see.....

Toes crossed that all are enjoying weather throughout the world.

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Monday, February 20, 2017

I'm Still Here!

No!  I did not drop off the face of the earth at the end of January.  I ran out of clay; I have been prepping small amounts so I can get back to making.

Most of my clay is at a stage where it is too stiff to work with, but not completely dried out.  I usually put the entire bag in a cat litter bucket.  Pour water into the bag and into the empty bucket.  After a few days to a week it's ready to use.  Thanks go out out Clay Buddies on Facebook for this one.

The photo below is of all the stuff that has fallen out of bags.  I think talking about prepping clay is about as exciting as watching grass grow.  It needs to be done, but......

It took me a while to figure out why I didn't process enough last summer to get me through the winter.  Then I remembered our caterpillar infestation and the the resulting poop parade.  I usually do all my processing outside, but having clay full of caterpillar crap was/is not at all appealing.

Meanwhile my amaryllis have been in bloom since Christmas.  I planted them at intervals so they wouldn't all bloom at once.  I wish I knew what I did differently to get so many of my old bulbs to bloom!

Below is the last group.  Toes crossed for the beginning of spring bulbs when these finish.

Our weather is being pretty typical for this time of year.  Sun yesterday, sun today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?  We'll see, grasshopper.......we'll see.

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Monday, January 30, 2017

Soft Slabs

I've been having fun working with soft slabs.  

I take the clay I recycle into a very thick slip and put down a puddle on several sheets of paper.  I use a bench scraper to smooth it out to a more or less uniform thickness.  I then let it dry enough so I can work with the slab without it being jello.  I painted on the hearts a little too soon, but I find the result interesting enough to want to experiment more.  I did use a form for this because the clay was not as dry as I initially thought it was.

I have made several, but this the first one I have kept.  Obviously it needs some finishing and clean up.  The rim needs rethinking and evening out enough so beverage does not spill when trying to drink.

I have not been posting much anywhere due to my poor, misused MacBook.  I do need to learn how to transfer stuff to my IPad.

The sun is fitfully trying to break through many gray clouds.  Well see, Grasshopper.....we'll see......

As always, thanks for stopping by............*s*