Monday, March 21, 2016

Manatee Monday

It doesn't always have to be Mugs on Monday.  Here are two manatee whistles waiting to be glazed and decorated.

The Stegosaurus started out as a dragon maquette and morphed into this.  I guess I wasn't paying attention!  

My favorite pie plate has developed a crack so I had to use a Pyrex plate to make

Banoffee Pie........ IT WAS DELICIOUS!

We woke up to snow this morning.  A few heavy, wet inches fell; nothing like what our local weather mavens have been having so much fun predicting!  Snow in March is not unusual here.

It's mostly melted now.

Enjoy the week ahead and, as always, thanks for stopping by..............*s*

Thursday, March 17, 2016

We've Come To Bring Stella Home

Four years ago today we drove to Connecticut to look at a little white half corgi that had been rescued along with her rambunctious brothers.  We took one look at her and said, "We've come to bring Stella home." She was a very shy pup and obviously needed a home away from her brothers.

In the car we decided to rename her Winter (an homage to Game of Thrones).  We knew we would change her name as the idea of walking around in the woods calling "STELLA" did not appeal!

Below is her annual birthday portrait.

This one I took the day she came home.  The daffodils were in full bloom.  As I recall it was in the 70's, and stayed that way for several days.  This year we are not going to have as many blooms.  We had warm days in January which made them come up.  Then it got cold which led to a lot of winter burn and killed the budding.  I should take them up and separate them this summer.

The crocuses are in full bloom.  I find their flowers so hopeful......yes, spring and summer will come!

Enjoy the day, and, as always, thanks for stopping by.............*s*

Monday, March 7, 2016

Too Much Mucha?

Another experimental mug.  This time I am testing one of Spectrum's Low Fire Metallics on the base.  No, I don't remember which this is.  It's a surprise!

 This is three views of the same mug. I'm using my old Three Graces theme.  As I said in the post title, I think I have been looking at entirely too much Mucha!

It's warming up outside.  We are starting the yard clean up to get rid of all the winter debris that always seems to accumulate!

The daffodils are raising their heads again.  I'm hoping for flowers in a week or so.  Time will tell!

Enjoy the week.  Toes crossed that Grandfather Frosty has gone home to the North Pole!

As always, thanks for stopping by..............*s*

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Finished the little teapot/cruet and put it in the kiln.

These are shots I took for my own records so they are not the best.  Some of the colors look dark  because they are waxed.

I'm almost finished with glazing.  Now I want to make mugs and stuff to bisque.  

We are expecting weather tonight and tomorrow.  By the weekend I'm going to start opening the pool.  Not for swimming, obviously, but do enjoy looking out my window at the pool area ready for swimming!

The daffodils are up and showing buds.  They look a little shocked due to the variegated winter weather, but they should be fine!

As always, thanks for stopping by.................*s*