Thursday, September 21, 2017


Another shot of Ringo and Grayby.  It's pretty much non-stop play unless they are sleeping or eating.
We give them a really good workout before going to bed.  They sleep for a good part of the night.

Thanks to Jose we have had some pretty good wind gusts.  Of course the first dahlia to bloom got broken off along with some petunias.  I love having them inside so it's not a big problem.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

GUIILTY! or........

.....there's a sucker born every minute........or.......who can resist kittens?

We took four of the kittens to the shelter on Sept. 14.  Yes, we were planning to take them all which had me terribly upset.  However, that plan did not take emotions into account.  Proge had connected with Grayby and Ringo is such a floofball that we could not resist. Bibsy, Cobby, Apricat, and Leaf were all just a bit tamer and therefor more adoptable.  The shelter manager would have liked them to be a few weeks younger, but I think many problems arise if kittens are separated from their mom too soon.  When i was raising my Siamese cats, I never separated them until twelve weeks.

Lucky Peach, Ringo, Grayby and KikiLaSois all ate from the same bowl yesterday.  Aloysius has taken to grooming Peach while meals are being prepped.  Peach and babies rub against our legs while we are prepping food.  It may take a while but I am sure that Peach will trust humans again one day.

There was a magical web strung across the pond a few days ago.  If you look hard and enlarge the photo you can see the web and its reflection.

Rain and wind today as we catch the outer edge of Jose.  Otherwise we are enjoying late summer weather.

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Friday, September 8, 2017


I haven't put out many of my garden creatures this year.  Once the caterpillar crap stopped I did put my little mermaid out by the papyrus bed.

We have not had much swimming this year due to caterpillars.  The pool is looking a lot better.  If we really do get the six more weeks of summer that Passy Pete is predicting we may get some more swimming.  At the very least we can enjoy sitting poolside and not feel that we are gazing into a very nasty swamp.

The kittens are probably going to be leaving us next week.  I am becoming far too attached to them.  If I were rich I would set up my own shelter, but least we are keeping Lucky Peach!

Yes, they did manage to get into my dry food cupboard and drag out all sorts of stuff.  They only got the rice bag open so things were not as bad as they could have been.  This is a heavily cropped photo.

Our thoughts and good wishes are with all those who are prepping for Irma.  STAY SAFE!

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