Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sign of Spring!

  • Sun and clouds with temps in the sixties.  What a treat!

  • I took my first real morning morning walk around the yard, looking at what needs to be done. And I raked the leaves off the crocus bed.  The daffodils are up enough so that I will use the leaf blower to get the dead stuff away from the house.

  • I found this little viola blooming in one of the pots I didn't empty last fall.  Their hardiness is always a surprise!

The fish are swimming sluggishly  The water is still pretty cold..  Proge left the small pump in last fall to provide a bit of circulation.  It appears to have helped.  We don't usually take the net off until the trees are leafy and some of the water plants are covering a bit of the surface.  Otherwise we have visits from Hawk, Owl, and Heron, to say nothing of raccoon and fishercat!

Warm weather this early can be chancy.  The wild blueberries are apt to bloom then freeze if we get down to more normal temps.  We'll see, grasshopper....we'll see.....

Toes crossed that all are enjoying weather throughout the world.

As always, thanks for stopping by......*s*

Monday, February 20, 2017

I'm Still Here!

No!  I did not drop off the face of the earth at the end of January.  I ran out of clay; I have been prepping small amounts so I can get back to making.

Most of my clay is at a stage where it is too stiff to work with, but not completely dried out.  I usually put the entire bag in a cat litter bucket.  Pour water into the bag and into the empty bucket.  After a few days to a week it's ready to use.  Thanks go out out Clay Buddies on Facebook for this one.

The photo below is of all the stuff that has fallen out of bags.  I think talking about prepping clay is about as exciting as watching grass grow.  It needs to be done, but......

It took me a while to figure out why I didn't process enough last summer to get me through the winter.  Then I remembered our caterpillar infestation and the the resulting poop parade.  I usually do all my processing outside, but having clay full of caterpillar crap was/is not at all appealing.

Meanwhile my amaryllis have been in bloom since Christmas.  I planted them at intervals so they wouldn't all bloom at once.  I wish I knew what I did differently to get so many of my old bulbs to bloom!

Below is the last group.  Toes crossed for the beginning of spring bulbs when these finish.

Our weather is being pretty typical for this time of year.  Sun yesterday, sun today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?  We'll see, grasshopper.......we'll see.

As always thanks for stopping by............*s*