Friday, December 25, 2015

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Advent Calendar 2015

I just realized last night that I had not shown my Advent Calendar for this year.

This one is from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Pictured is the Unicorn in the Garden which is one of the Unicorn Tapestries at The Cloisters, one of my favorite museums.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015


It's warm enough for a bunch of little moths to be stuck to the windows at night.  'm glad they aren't inside as the cats go crazy trying to catch them!

Meanwhile, Aloysius had to see how well he would fit into the wreath I was decorating to go outside.  He seems to think he's just swell in it!

My amaryllis are starting to bloom.  I got the bulbs at the market which means that they may or may not last to bloom another year.  I pay so little for them that It;s not a worry.  It certainly is pretty to have more flowers blooming in December.

Enjoy the week.

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Friday, December 4, 2015

Going On

These are more of the spoon rest, test/practice pieces.  I find so much enjoyment in doing these complex designs, that I have decided to go with it.  At one time I was trying to simplify my work in the interest of lowering time spent and possibly prices.  Simple is just not me!

 Anything worth doing is worth doing to excess!  In my style of majolica at least!


This is a deer tick many times enlarged.  Look at a pin head to get an idea of its true size.  I found this one on me after working in the garden yesterday morning.

We spend so much time outside doing our firings and clay reclaims that we should all be aware and check for ticks every day.  Just be careful; the long term effects of Lyme, Erlichioses, Babesiosis and other diseases are debilitating at the very least!

We have had some frost, but I still have one pot of passion flowers that are going strong.  I'm tempted to shelter and wrap it and try to winter it over.  On the other hand once we do get frost I may just dig the plants and winter them over inside!

We have a weekend of sunshine in store.  Enjoy the days wherever you are.

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