Monday, February 11, 2019

Found Mug

Not really  found as I have known where I have had it hidden away.  Aloysius knocked it over almost as soon I took it out of the kiln and chipped one of the feet.  It's a prototype so I controlled myself and did not smash it on the floor!

I like the idea and the way the fish curves to fit the form.The rest of it needs work.
    1. The diameter is too small for the height.
    2.  The handle is too close to the mug, need to attach lower and have a bit more negative
    3. Feet work but they don’t feel strong enough visually.

Anything else?  I would love some constructive critique on this.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Time Passes

Good things come to those who clean!

A set of shelves needed to be moved so we can get at the overhead pipe that is leaking in the bathroom directly over my studio.  The fix is simple; it’s the getting there that is difficult.  This involved not just cleaning but emptying said shelved.

Et voila!  Way in a back corner I found this little cup (I also found a long lost drill chuck, but that is a tale fr another day.)  I designed it as an experiment several years ago when I was working on gargoyles and mermaids for my neice’s wedding.  At the time I considered it a throwaway, but now I think I want to work on this idea.

It’s terra cotta handbuilt over a balloon, glazed with Andrea Gill’s WOM, painted with Mason Stains, and fired to a hot ^05.
I turn off the vent as soon as the kiln trips and let it cool on its own.  Bailey kilns are so well insulated that I never have a problem with cooling too quickly.

It doesn’t seem possible that January is almost done.  Since Groundhog Day (Candlemas) is the midpoint of winter I have decided that my year is beginning now.  Resolutions anyone?

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Hares and Rabbits

Never a Christmas morning,
Never the Old Year ends,
But Someone thinks of Someone,
Old Days, Old Times, Old Friends.

Best wishes for a peaceful, joyful and happy New Year.

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Saturday, December 29, 2018


I received this lovely covered jar in a pottery exchange we did on Clay Buddies on FB.  
I took the photo on my iPad; it doesn’t do justice to the elegance of the design and glaze.
The little pendant is doing double duty right now as a tree ornament...up high so the furbies don’t use it as a toy.

We are experiencing more pump problems.  It’s still under warranty so we are picking up a new one and installing it today.  For once the weather is on our side.  It’s sunny and in the fifties!
Toes crossed that all are enjoying this Fourth Day of Christmas!
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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

At home

A few days ago I posted a picture on FaceBook of Aloysius surrounded by lights he dragged off the tree.  

 Here he is contemplating his next move.

We have had two young bucks visiting the woods on the north side of the house.  As long as they stay there Winter does not see them and go berserk.

I took this one through a window, which is not optimal, but they run quickly if we open windows or doors.

I fooled about with the contrast to make the deer a bit more visible.

Meanwhile I have been raw glazing a few green whistles to fire in the top of the wood stove.  We'll see, grasshopper.....we'll see.....

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