Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Tomatoes and……

A paper wasp nest on one of the hanging solar lights that illuminate the years at night.  A definitely odd site to choose .  They generally prefer a certain amount of shade; this is in full sun.  So far it hasn’t bothered us.  We are making sure screens have no holes and are tightly installed.

Look!  There are actual tomatoes forming.  I have a feeling this will become an indoor plant this year.

We are beginning to think about hurricane prep.  Even if we don’t get hit. (Toes Crossed!) it’s time to begin the general fall clean-up.

Off to yet another doc appt.  This time for eyes.

We’ll see, grasshopper………..we’ll see……….

As always, stay safe, and thanks for stopping by………….*s*

Wednesday, August 23, 2023


Yes!  I am growing vegetables this summer! 
 Well, this one tomato which was a volunteer I found in an outdoor planter.  Last week I transplanted it to a larger pot.  And look!  It has flowers!  I am most hopeful that I will actually have a few tomatoes.... eventually.  I will bring it into the sunroom if it looks worthwhile.
Many years ago I had a volunteer in my garden with fruit just a bit larger than cherry tomatoes.  I saved the seed for years....until I did. not.  Toes crossed that this little guy puts out something worth saving.

 Meanwhile I am enjoying messing around with the green plants, making new cuttings, encouraging bamboo., and all that jazz!
And the not so enjoyable process of getting the pool back to normal.  It went completely bloooey while I was down with Lyme and turned a lovely shade of green  which is great for plants, not so great for swimming pools.  The way things have been going I should get it clean and balanced in time to shut it down for the winter.
We are having cool nights.  It's been in the very low 60ºs when I go out to feed the birds at dawn. It warms up during the day so I spend as much time as I can on the deck, (I bought a nice, big umbrella to replace the one that was shot) or out by fish pond or pool.  Even though the pool is not swimmable it's still enjoyable to sit by the water.
The hummingbirds just came to the petunias.  I don't put out feeders due to squirrels and other fauna messing with them.  The love the flowers petunias, fuchsias, wild impatience to name a few.  Wish I could get a good photo but so far they are just too fast.
So odd to think that we are in the latter half of August.  I still have my toes crossed for a long, warm autumn.
We'll see, grasshopper............we'll see.

P.S.  Special birthday shoutout to my FB friend Barb Rogers.  Happy Birthday!  Keep on truckin'

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Or Perhaps Here….?

Moving plants around on the deck seems to have become a new hobby.  Every few days I have been rearranging and pushing pots around.  I’ll probably be happy with them a week before it’s time to bring them in.
First up is the Aloe Plantation…..because doesn’t everyone need numerous aloes, grasshopper?  Okay!  Perhaps I am a bit obsessive.  Last year when I was cutting back and rerooting some plants I stuck the old roots with just the stumps showing in the black pot at the bottom of the picture.  Lots of new plantlets… pups are growing.

The big ferns are loving all the rain this summer.  I am going to need a crane to get some of them inside in September.  I have been taking cuttings and potting up babies.  Really, this does have a purpose,  My sun room is my winter green room, a necessity for surviving winter.

 I am coming to the end of taking doxy for my bout of Lyme.  Fortunately the tests came back negative for any other diseases.

We have had huge downpours over the last few days.  It’s so nice to have lush greenery and not have to worry too much about fires.  On the other hand because I have been out of commission the pool has turned a lovely shade of green.  Something else to keep me occupied and out of trouble.

FB is still not letting me comment on any comments made.  I do read and appreciate them.

As always stay safe, and thanks for stopping by……….*s*’

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

And So It Goes!

A rather blurry picture of a typical Bull’s Eye Rash that is a symptom of Lyme Disease.  Noticed it last night, calling doc this morning.


Stay safe, watch out for ticks……..thanks for stopping by…………*s*


Wednesday, July 12, 2023


 I have finally gotten a small portion of the deck cleaned so it’s possible to sit out here under my new umbrella.

The hibiscus are loving the weather and are blooming like crazy.  As are the petunias which have all come from wintered over seed..I really should keep better notes as to which seed I have actually saved and which has just come up from old planters.  The hummingbirds started coming a few days ago.  Wish I were fast enough to get a photo; it’s enough to know that they are coming. I don’t put up feeders as the squirrels knock them down.  Hummingbirds love bright flowers.  I may try to find a few fuchsias to add to the lot.

I love sitting out here and listening to the silence.  Not really silent as the falling water of the pond filter adds to the ambience.  These are the days when I truly love being in the woods.  It’s not as isolated as my old property but it’s still pretty nice.

Work on the gardening has been slow due to my mobility problems.  However I will be harvesting catnip, oregano, and thyme.  I am going to plant basil for the fourth and, toes crossed, last time.  Every time I plant we have torrential downpours which wash away and/or rot it in the ground. This time I am planting in my window boxes, of which I have many.  At least when a deluge comes I can cover them.  We’ll see, grasshopper……..we’ll see…….

As always, stay safe…..and thanks for stopping by…………..*s*

Friday, June 2, 2023

Look. What I Found!

These are the last whistles I put in the top of the last time we lit the wood stove back in late March or early April and promptly forgot about them.  Took them out last week, wiped them down and gave a coat of she polish. Ther are three chickens and two little whales.  They all whistle very nicely.


 I should really work on adding more holes for greater tonal range.

As always stay safe, and thanks for stopping by…………..*s*