Saturday, October 31, 2015

Falling Into Fall

We are enjoying a run of warm fall days.  Temps have been in the sixties, seventies in the sun.  It's so much more pleasant to work outside in the sun, than cold blowing rain and mist, which is what we had last week.  Petunias, snap dragons, calibrochia and passion flowers are happily blooming away.  I'll probably bring them in next weekend.

Aloysius is always yawning to show how bored he is with the whole notion of fall and winter.  Now is the time to snuggle in down quilts and warm windowsills.  When we start the wood stove all will be under it. 

I have started practicing with the brushes I bought at NCECA.  I did this one with the brush on the left. It's an entirely new feeling, but I am very happy with the variety of marks I can make.

Somewhere, probably on Ceramic Arts Daily, I read about practicing making marks on paper plates.  Chinet plates provide something very close to the glaze surfaces I work on.  The problem with paper is that its surface is so different from a glaze surface.

I may do some black and white plates, once I become more confident.  There's no room for mistakes with this kind of brush work.

These are the trees in the yard just before the wind and rain began last week.  Most of the maples have lost their leaves.  The oaks and beech are really changing quickly now.  The oaks are particularly lovely  this year.  Their colors are ranging from pale golds to deep garnet reds.  Some years they just turn brown and drop.  There don't seem to be as many acorns this year.  That may have something to do with our fairly dry summer.

And last, because today is Halloween my little witches have come out once again to wish everyone a BOOtiful day!

Enjoy the fall, or spring.

As always, thanks for stopping by.............*s*

Sunday, October 18, 2015

After Dark

I took this last night around 9:30 PM.  It's a Flower Bee (looks like a small bumblebee) asleep in a morning glory.  Proge found it by flashlight when he was out with Winter.  I had him use his flash while I focused; he then turned his light off and I shot it on auto with my little built in flash.  I would have done a time exposure, but I thought I might lose the shot if I took the time to set up my tripod. 


We had what looks like spotty frost last night.  Some of the dahlias are finished and ready to be pulled.  Other plants are fine.  It's definitely time to start bringing plants in.

Chilly this morning but it's supposed to warm up later in the week.  Toes crossed!

Enjoy the fall weather and as always, thanks for stopping by................*s*

Monday, October 12, 2015

New Stuff

I've been working on a new mug design.  I dreamed about it last week and have been working on it through the week end.  So far this has been the only save.  I'm working on proportion, handle, and feet.  In other words the whole kit and kaboodle.  This has been a most enjoyable process.  I'm considering various glaze ideas too. 

These are little whisky or punch cups I have also been experimenting with.  Since I learned how to do tripods I am putting them on anything that requires a foot!

I make them over barely blown up water balloons.  The yellow and blue are ready to be removed; the red is obviously deflated.  The two in front are in the finishing process.  The rims need to be smoother, the feet refined.  I always brush on a coat of slip made from my clay body.  This gives me a smooth surface to work on; it also polishes nicely with a bit of chamois.

I sort of indulged myself in buying myself a new notebook.  I don't really consider it an indulgence as I have become extremely tired of dealing with cheap notebooks with low quality paper.  Strat 400, 80 lb. is a good all around surface which takes pencil, charcoal, aquarelle and others mediums extremely well.  I know some like to 'draw' on computers and ipads, but for me nothing beats the feel of pencil or brush moving on the surface of the paper.

I initially wanted a little fancier cover and then realized I could do what I wanted with the cover to make it my own!

Sunny day today; yard work to be done.

As always, thanks for stopping by............*s*

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Between doc. appointments, another three day migraine (due to low pressure, rain and allergies), and living I haven't been posting much.

During a lull in the rain Winter went beserk.  There was a large flock of turkeys in the woods behind the house.  Did she hear them?  see them?  smell them?  I don't know, but the birds were totally unimpressed with her antics.

Finally we are enjoying some sun and warmer temps.  We'll be working outside, prepping for winter.

Enjoy some sunny days, to those who are experiencing torrential rains....stay safe.

As always, thanks for stopping by................*s*