Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Finished the little teapot/cruet and put it in the kiln.

These are shots I took for my own records so they are not the best.  Some of the colors look dark  because they are waxed.

I'm almost finished with glazing.  Now I want to make mugs and stuff to bisque.  

We are expecting weather tonight and tomorrow.  By the weekend I'm going to start opening the pool.  Not for swimming, obviously, but do enjoy looking out my window at the pool area ready for swimming!

The daffodils are up and showing buds.  They look a little shocked due to the variegated winter weather, but they should be fine!

As always, thanks for stopping by.................*s*


  1. very whimsical, can't wait to see after firing, do you cover your pool ? how does it hold up with the snow.

    1. Hi Linda......Thanks. I used to cover the pool with pool pillows and a porous cover but it was a hassle to get it off in the spring. We always managed to dump leaves in the pool. Now I still use the pillows with a net cover. Much easier!

  2. love the decoration on this one... we are just about to put our pool cover on as we are losing too much water to evaporation! It must be a treat to see the daffodils poking their heads up...

    1. Hi Anna......Thanks. We went through several years of drought back in the nineties and used a thermal blanket to prevent evaporation.

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    1. Hi Michele...Thanks. I'm not sure how well the form and design integrate.

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    1. Hi Lori....Thanks! A teapot has a lot of room forimprovisation!

  5. Dearest Suzi,
    Got to admire it already on FB but finally I manage to make some blogger rounds... Got so way behind.
    Lovely piece, like a person holding an arm up around the head.
    We got some very fragrant daffodils at last; some of them bloomed very late. Guess it is because of the very warm, nearly 80s for Christmas and than frost again... That up and down must confuse any plant. It caused me to get the flu!
    Sending you hugs for the weekend and stay cozy indoors.

  6. Hi Mariette....Thanks. It was a seat of the pants experiment that so far (toes crossed) has made it.
    Our daffodils are up a few inches with buds showing, but chilly. It's supposed to warm up next week! There's something so cheerful about daffodils in the spring!
    Enjoy the week end and the week ahead!


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