Sunday, October 30, 2011

NOT What I Had Planned On!

 Rain all day yesterday, sleet at night, then snow!  It's not much compared to what has fallen up north; just enough to be a nuisance!

The light is strange.  We are getting a winter morning reflection of snow and ice with leaves on the trees.  Until the last two nights we have had nothing approaching a frost; many leaves have not changed yet.  Suppose to be down in the twenties tonight.....oh joy!

We had to break down and start the old wood stove.  I am so glad  that we decided to wait to replace it until we have finished with 'Dumpster Days'.

I had planned to start with some thoughts on flying pigs.  I know his wing/body ratio looks as though he won't achieve lift off.  My justification is The Bumblebee!

I've been seeing pigs everywhere lately.  Is it the promise of bacon, the silly season, or both?


  1. When pigs fly - how cool pigasus, I love him.

  2. I am so enjoying your blog with your lovely photos of the world around you and of your pottery. Your "Pigasus" is great, and you are right to compare him with the bumblebee. I am sure, given lots of encouragement, a Pigasus could fly... Just watch that he doesn't try to pollinate flowers, a pigasus emulating a bumble bee would be very destructive to the garden!!

  3. Hi Gary....thanks, pigs are fun, no doubt about it!

    Hi Linda...Do you think pigasi migrate to warmer climes in winter?

    Hi Peter....your encouragement is much appreciated. Pigasus is a frisky devil; there's no telling what he will try.


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