Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Vinca, Violets...........and a Pig!

The seasons have gone a little crazy this fall.  Vinca and violets are early spring flowers.  It's strange to walk around the yard and see them blooming at this time of year.  The little marigold grew from seed in a dead flower head.  I'll probably take it up and winter it inside, along with some petunias....summer does not have to end with summer.

We had a young buck in the woods on the north side of the house yesterday.  His antlers are his first.  He's not terribly shy, rather cautious.  He probably grew up in the woods behind the house. I almost managed a picture of him, but he spooked when the sun reflected off my glasses.

Mamas leave their babies in our woods because they seemed to have figured out that the dog would protect them.  Breezy had an overhead run of about 200 ft. The babies knew how close they could get without being in any danger.  Imagine a fawn nibbling tree shoots and Breezy woofing and completely puzzled.



sport marigold

This little piggy bank was my husband's (P.) when he was a little boy.  It may have been his father's too. Alas, all is lost now to history.  I love having this little guy in my studio.  He has such charm.

I've been thinking a lot lately about what influences me.  Obviously I have favorite artists in many disciplines, but what else?  Books have a huge influence on me.  The fact that I have been reading a lot of cyberpunk lately has become part of my background ambience. (WOW! Does that sound arty or what?)  Music also worms its way into what passes for my brain.  Graceland still has an ability to affect me.  Movies sometimes but not as much......uh, but Lord of the Rings both book and film has strongly influenced the design of the pond and a lot of our landscaping.                                                              .

Time to go talk to banks and insurance people and schedule a dumpster.  Where does stuff come from?


  1. What a great pig I like the textural quality to the glaze effects. And that violet reminds me of the ones I used to grow when I lived in Maryland, I took them inside and started growing them in window sills, pretty soon I had tons of them much to the consternation of my mother. Ha.

  2. Oh Golly, I love
    Piggies: banks, teapots, on mugs,
    Or bowls....more cuteness!

  3. Hi Linda...I think the glaze is a slip/glaze; it seems quite fragile, but then the pig is fragile. Violets inside! Great idea!

    Hi Gary...I think there are a lot of us who are Big on Pigs!


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