Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Big Mama

The top shelf of Big Mama is loaded with glazed odds and ends....and a few mugs I am refiring because the interiors weren't terrific.  An added benefit to working at ^04 is that it's possible to refire work successfully.  The only things I don't refire are plates, clocks....items that have a wide base sitting on the shelf.  The risk of cracking isn't worth it.

Toes crossed that all goes well.

Top shelf, loaded and ready to go.

One face of the wood pile....it goes back

Two cords of wood were delivered on Sunday....I always forget just how big the pile is.  Now the fun of stacking begins.  It's worth it because we stack close to the door....much more accessible and easy when the snow falls.  Although with El Nino we could end up with mostly rain.

I think today will be Clean the Studio Day!  When I start a new cycle I like to make a fresh start and it gives me thinking time......about clay.....and keeping the #*!! squirrels out of the feeders!


  1. Hopefully you are wearing nice thick glove for stacking!

    Your kiln load looks so snug, I need to be more like you. I hope they all came out like you dream!


  2. Oh golly, so many pretty pots :) We lived in New Hampshire for ten years and ran the woodstove, and OH GOSH that thing keeps you nice and toasty.

  3. Looks like a lovely load of pots and hope the re-firing goes well.
    The firewood will keep you nice and warm during winter.

    Thanks for visiting me

  4. I remember so many years of wood stove burning so glad I'm not doing that now, so much work. Your load looks great interesting to see how you load things, the ones lying down are they glazed? why don't the glazes run on the shelf? I may try refiring my angel, how do you get the glaze to stick to something aleady glazed?

  5. Hi Lorraine.....always wear gloves when working outside, I've avoided some serious mishaps by sticking to that rule.

    Hi Gary...There's nothing like a woodstove to warm you up!

    Hi Carolyn...aLways a pleasure to visit you.

    Hi Linda...your questions got me thinking.....I'll do a post that, hopefully, will answer them.


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