Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happiness Is...........

Happiness is a new battery in my MacBook.  I was completely crazed by my track pad going berserk.  I had visions of cat hair in the pad and having to take the thing apart....major overhaul.  Such was not the case; the battery was gone.  I got three and a half years out of it so I'm not complaining.  Not a cheap fix but a lot better than what I was envisioning!

16 1/2 " platter/pasta bowl
Sometimes what appears to be disaster turns out to be serendipity.  I've been remaking the bowls/platters/birdbaths the cats broke.  I have never been happy with my rims, they were okay but sort of blah.  Somewhere I got the idea of trying to do more of a tube for the rim.  It may have come from looking at medieval head dresses or from watching Lord of the Rings again ( and yes, I admit it I am a complete Tolkien nerd......getting older means you care very little about who thinks you are a geek, nerd, weirdo.)  I use a bird bath for my form which gives me a sturdy support when I do the rim.  The knots are where I joined the clay.  I probably would have put them in anyway to break up the rim a little.  My hand built things never have the symmetry of thrown pieces, instead I push it a little further so it becomes intentional.

I started out calling these pasta or calamari bowls but they are a nice size for carving a smallish bird.  We put a twelve lb. turkey in one last year.

I may throw a few of one of my basic forms tomorrow.  I have one that I use for a honey pot, garlic holder, string holder what have you.  I like it when I can make one shape work in different ways.  I usually throw in groups of three, five something prime.  I find the odd numbers keep me a little on edge and more aware of what I am doing.

The yard clean up continues; we have wood coming this week end.  We are reasonably well organized for a change.

Raining again today.  It's supposed to get cold tonight, possible snow.  It starts getting dark too early.  I came in around 2:30, thought it was 4:00!

Supper tonight is going to be something involving pork short ribs, onions and apples.......we'll see, grasshopper, we'll see.


  1. My computer battery went out about a month ago and I was so scared everything was lost. It wouldn't turn on at all, it has lasted for eons so that's ok. I like the fact you work in prime numbers to keep yourself on your toes, very interesting way of working. A little whimsey in the rim is good I think. We have warmed up here again, go figure, I guess that's Florida.

  2. mmmm, cannot wait to see it glazed! If you email me, I can help you with the torte recipe--tres simple, and I swear I am not making this up, from the wife's grandmother from the old country..... or if not an email then become my FB friend because I have a pic of the recipe card on there, either way I am garyrith at yahoo dot com :)

  3. Hi Judy...It's always interesting to try new things.

    Hi Linda...Hope your computer is better....the weather is nuts up here too.

    Hi Gary...I don't do FB, so I'll be emailing you.

  4. My battery is about gone too. I have a Mac and the guy I bought it from kept it plugged in all the time. The trick is to let it go all the way down to the reserve power alert then charge it. If you leave it plugged in like he did, it drains prematurely. Such a pain and they aren't cheap!

  5. Hi Tracey......thanks for stopping by. I recommend getting a new battery sooner rather than later. The track pad had a mind of it's own and was making me crazy. I bought mine at the Genius Bar at the Apple store. Ninety day rather than one wear warranty, but $25.00 less!

  6. havested potatoes today, now hoping the yard fairy shows up tonight to clean up the mess......... pots to throw in the morning. Stay warm!

  7. Hi Mad.....thanks for dropping by...and following me.


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