Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pies and Platters and..........

Sunday morning in the sun room with plants, tea and Bach on the computer.  Definitely the best way to start the day.

 It's the time of year for pies, although I must say it feels more like September than late November.  This is the tart I made for Thanksgiving.  It was delicious and easy to make.  Proge (son) did his turkey grill magic.  We cooked enough for many, but we freeze a lot for future easy meals.  One of my mottos appears to be,  'Anything worth doing, is worth doing to excess!'

apple tart
The kiln is almost loaded just have to load the top shelf.  I have a blank ring at the top, which adds needed height when I do sculpture.  As long as I have at least one ring of elements in the top and put a shelf over the very top just below the rim it goes up to temperature very well.

another platter
 This platter may be a disaster in waiting.  I had to do some repairs on the rim.  It should be okay, but who knows what whim the kiln gods will indulge in?

still blooming
I took this photo on Thanksgiving Day.  Mums will bloom until a heavy frost or until they have no more buds.  Makes me very glad indeed that I don't live any further north.

Time to go check the turkey soup and go buy the papers and milk.

Happy Sunday!


  1. That tart looks amazing. Now I am hungry and must break for breakfast. Thanks.

  2. More food for me to drool over, that tart looks delicious, fingers crossed for the platter, some repairs work and others, well vinegar has been my friend lately.

  3. Hi Suzi,

    Lovely to discover your blog and many thanks for visiting mine.
    The platter is going to be lovely and the pie looks yummy.
    My sister has a kiln and does pottery too, exciting seeing your creations come out of the kiln.

    Happy week

  4. Hi Patti...pie is always good for breakfast.... :)

    Hi Linda....I use a combination of karo, vinegar and clay to mend so far.

    Hi Carolyn.....thanks for stopping by: come again.


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