Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Test

The bowl is a test of stains on a glaze I have not used for years.  It's somewhere between a majolica gloss and a semi-matt.  What I cannot remember is what the stains look like on the glaze.  All majolica glazes are not created equal.  Some are better used with colorants.....some need to be left alone.  The design is to see how different elements work......this is only a test!

stains on WOM Majolica

The petunias and impatiens are in the south window of my sun room.  It's such a bleak, gray day that I need some harbingers of spring!

Have a good week end.  Thanks for stopping by..........-s-


  1. This is truly a winner, I hope you can remmember what the combination of the various materials are.

  2. Oh man! It's so nice to see flowers! and petunias, my favorite!!! My mom always grew them, they are so happy. Very lovely plate too :)

  3. Hi Linda....thanks and yes, I keep notes.

    Hi Tracey...I think most of us are ready for a shot of spring!

    Hi Meredith....thanks

    Hi Gary....I make the cats earn their keep by posing for me!

  4. Hi there, I just came across your blog as i was looking for mason stains and I must to say, I love your pottery work, it is so very lovely.I have a question..i just made few miniature pottery and I am planning to use mason stain to paint over a glazes pottery... would that work?
    Thank you so much in advance!!! smiles~


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