Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Decoration Evolution

This is a test...both with the glaze and the designs.  The glaze is a slightly matte white with a little rutile added to take away the extreme white that occurs in some majolica whites.  The small amount of rutile (about .0025) gives it more the look of a leaded glaze or paint.

I sized the glaze with an odorless hair spray and drew the designs in pencil.  I like pencil because it's easy to erase and it burns out in the firing.

The designs are lightly drawn because I wanted to be able to make corrections and adjustments easily.

I used a brush to erase three of the fish and drew in two poppies.  Normally I don't mix designs, but this is just a way to see if the designs and colors still work.

This is when I start to lay in color.  I am using Mason Stains mixed 50/50 with Frit 3124, the principal frit in my glaze.  I start with my lightest and work to the darkest or most intense colors.

Most of the colors have been put in.  They will fire to the colors shown but will be more vibrant.

Below is the finished bowl.  The poppies are highlighted on the folded petals with an orange blended into the base color.  It doesn't come through in the photo but the big fish has a lot of red and yellow stippling to give it some interest.  I spray the whole thing with hairspray and outline with a black mixed with a little wax so it doesn't smear.  Black is impossible to get rid if once it smears.

Now it's just a question of firing with toes crossed......probably in a few weeks.

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  1. Beautiful, please post images hot out of the kiln!
    Love the flowers dancing around the bowl, especially this time of the year :)

  2. Looks like the beginning of a beautiful bowl! Thanks for sharing the process, I have absolutely no patience for painting with underglazes but envy those who do so much! Nice to see how you do it :)

  3. Spring will soon be here and those flowers remind me so, I always wondered how the toned down white was achieved, it gives that rich feel like an antique piece of pottery which I like.

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  5. Beautiful, can't wait to see it fired! i really enjoyed reading about your process. i have never worked with mason stain but recently acquired some underglazes and may give it a go... do underglazes paint on similarly to the stains? This is all new to me!
    i like the idea of sizing the glaze with hairspray... do you use the aerosol type?

  6. Hi Suzi,

    This is a beautiful piece, and enjoyed seeing the process.
    Sorry to hear that you have been unwell, do hope you are feeling better and have a lovely weekend


  7. Hi Sandy....I'll post if it works...or maybe if it doesn't...learn from mistakes...glad you like the flowers

    Hi Tracey...we'll see, grasshopper, we'll see.

    Hi Linda....I have used a little rutile in a ^6 glaze called White Shiny...the rutile made it bearable.

    Hi Gary..thanks

    Hi Michele....go for it...I think I'll do another glaze post soon. I use a non-aerosol spray after I almost did myself in with a can of spray.

    Hi Carolyn....thanks, I am feeling a lot better...hope you are too.


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