Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Helper Cat

KikiLaSois decided to help me out....I'm not sure if she is warming the piece so the stains go on easily or trying out as a very large brush.   I turn my back for a minute and this is what goes on.  At least the pot is bisqued and the glaze is dry.  Such is not always the case!

Thanks for stopping by............-s-


  1. What a great marketing cat. Cats love getting in just the size big enough for them to fit. Ha.

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  3. Looks like she´s saying "but Mom? - isn´t this my new bed?"

    Love cats and ceramic, - and those two combined can only become a succes!

  4. HILARIOUS, the poster child of the home potter!!!!!!

  5. I am just imagining her surprise if the glaze was WET!

  6. Hi Linda...my guys like just big enough or a little smaller....a cat fitting into a small shoe box is a sight to see.

    Hi Gabi...More like "But Mom, this is my new bed!" Is there any way to translate your blog? I didn't see a translate button.

    Hi Gary....YES! We've all been there!

    Hi Michele......She would have been walking around with glaze on her nose....I've learned my lesson about cats and wet glazes!

  7. Cat love what you love. Mine always sits on my books, newspaper, iPad. Any reading material!


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