Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Dragons

This is Morkaleb the dragon in Dragonsbane by Barbara Hambly.  It's the first Story Plate I did, over thirty years ago.  I did this in porcelain and had to think a lot about using colors that would not burn out.  A short time later I began working totally with majolica.


The story I was thinking of yesterday was my misremebered version of a story by E. Nesbit, 'The Dragon Tamers'  in The Book of Dragons.  It can be downloaded for free over on Gutenberg Press.  Her writing has an early twentieth century British sensibility about it.  It's easy to see that she influenced later fantasy writers.

I want to say thank you again to all of you have posted offering kind thoughts for my good health. The antibiotics are beginning to kick in....though they are tiring by their nature.....we'll see, grasshopper, we'll see.

Thanks for stopping by.....-s-


  1. How do you know you have lyme's disease, that bullseye where the tick bite is or muscle aches? What a cool dragon, I love mystical beasts, my imagination soars with ideas.

  2. I love the dragon how nice to see this example of your early work.
    E Nesbit was a great favorite of mine. The Psammead series of books, including "The Five Childeren and It", and the Phoenix and the Carpet" were wonderful adventures, and sparkled with a very funny sense of humour running through them that I notice more as an adult. I think that some of the books have been reprinted, so something like that could be great Lyme Disease reading matter. If I lived closer I'd lend you a copy!

  3. Hi Linda...The bullseye is the clearest indication of Lyme, however, not all people develop it. In my case I have had Lyme and Erlichiosis with the bullseye. I also get what my docs and I call recuurence which comes with a bite that never really heals. Also I have symptoms indicative of Lyme: A specific type of headache, muscle ache in shoulders, stiffness that feels like over exercise. I am fortunate in that I have had the same docs for many years. The problem is that once you have Lyme there will always be raised blood levels. That's why it's good to have records of levels after you feel better. Here in southern New England we are Lyme central.....Yale has done a tremendous amount of research on the subject. Down in Florida I have had friends who have had a devil of a time getting docs to diagnose them.

    I'm pleased that you like the dragon.....mythical beasts have long been a part of our family vocabulary.

    Hi Peter....Thanks. I think you are one of the few people who has heard of E. Nesbit. She never seemed very popular in the USA....perhaps being in the Commonwealth has something to do with your knowledge. Most of her stuff is available for download over on Gutenberg Press.

  4. well done, the dragon plate! Gosh yes, hope you can start to feel better indeed...

  5. Hi Gary....I'm making slow but steady improvements.... I no longer feel like I have been punched in the side of the head! Thanks for liking the does not seem possible I did it back in the mid eighties! Time flies!

  6. Yes, get better soon!
    It is the year of the dragon so he is very fitting. Bring on more.
    On the lamp parts- we have used Midwest Lamp Parts for about 30 years. They have good parts but are not up to the internet age so you have to call them for a catalog and order by phone- old school....


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