Friday, January 6, 2012


A large (for me) platter/pasta dish/ bird feeder finally glazed.  The design is pale because it's blue....and blue can become overpowering very quickly.  Hopefully the background will keep the wash effect. The poppies are in a turquoise blue with navy and delft highlights. 

There's nothing like experimenting on something other than test pieces.  There's only so much experimentation that I can do on test bowls and other pieces.  At some point the real pieces become so precious that I freeze when it comes to putting brush to pot.  The only way I have found to solve this is to plunge in and do it.

It's become cold enough in my studio to make working there very uncomfortable.  I'm rethinking when/where/how I work.  I'm moving a glaze area upstairs this week end.  Sitting and painting gets cold!  On days when I can warm my studio up to about sixty I will hand build and throw.  Sixty sounds cold but with a heater going and moving around it's plenty warm for working.  I just make sure to keep my feet warm!

It's supposed to be in the fifties tomorrow......this has been a most strange winter.

Enjoy the week end.....thanks for stopping by.......-s-


  1. We're going to go up to 70 today and two days ago it was 18 at night. Oh those are poppies, lovely. If my feet are warm then I am and I found those electric ceramic heaters are better than just plain electric ones, they give off more heat. We had them from when we had our motorhome for auxiliary heat and now they are coming in handy.

  2. beautiful!
    it's going to be warmer here too for a few days... i remember how hard it was to heat my studio in NH.
    i would wear snow boots in the studio to keep my feet warm!

  3. It truly is a weird year. It was 16 the other day and windows are open today. I actually saw Daffodils sprouting today. Think they will be in for a shock.
    I agree, keeping feet warm is super important.

  4. Hi Linda....sunny and up in the fifties today. I'm going to take a look at ceramic heaters. Today will be warm enough to roll some slabs.

    Hi Meredith....thanks, I love hearing from potters who work in a totally different range.

    Hi Michelle...thanks....snow boots!...I like it!

    Hi Patti...good to hear from you....strange winter, no doubt about it!


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