Friday, January 20, 2012

The Snow Angel

We had about 1/2 inch of snow last night so this morning Aloysius ran outside to make snow angels on the deck.  We try to appreciate his happiness as it is about the most/only angelic thing he does.  I thought he had broken my speakers this morning.....fortunately it was just a disconnected wire.  All the critturs stopped chewing cords after I rubbed tea tree oil on them.  Small mercies.

It was 52 F. yesterday morning...this morning it was's been a strange winter.  Off to the market to buy cat food and people food.

Happy Weekend!   Thanks for stopping by...........-s-


  1. my cat sophie likes to roll on the floor like that to get our attention... i have a feeling she wouldn't do it in the snow!

  2. My cats would probably love rolling in that snow and nothing like a bath for them too, one of these day I may get a wire cage without a bottom just so they can go outside again I know they miss it. The weather has been strange here too. We are desperate for some rain.

  3. Now that is pure enjoyment. My poor souls never feel the dirt or snow. Neighboring pit bulls makes them stay in protective custody.
    I agree, 40 degree temperature swings are normal these days.

  4. funny I use to wait until I was out of cat food to buy food for us. Now I have to use a new gauge such as 2 drops of milk or one slice of bread.
    I have really enjoyed this mild winter.

  5. What cutie! Was enjoying the mild winter, now reading seed catalogs next to the wood stove :)

  6. i have never seen a cat play in the snow before.

  7. Hi Michele...Aloysius is the inky cat I've had who loves snow!

    Aloha Island....thanks for coming live in paradise!

    Hi Linda.....I like the idea of the bottomless cage. My guys never go out. It's just that Aloysius loves snow so it's a treat.

    Hi Patti.....I agree to much bad stuff out there to let our buddies roam outside.

    Hi Meredith....I have my big marketings geared to when I need kitty food....I do not enjoy shopping!

    Hi Sandy.....snowing now...wood stove and catalogs sound like a perfect solution.

    Hi Gary...Aloysius is a long, lean guy and stretchy....stands on the floor, puts his paws on the table and looks around. I think they must be cousins. I wonder how many tiger cousins are also pottery cats.

    Hi Laurie.....Aloysius's cuteness factor si one of his redeeming qualities.

  8. Have loved looking at your pottery and, though I have never done Majolica, I think I would really enjoy it as the colours and effects you get really appeal to me. It's great that you are mostly self-taught. So am I. Once the bug bites, there's no going back is there? x Cathy


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