Tuesday, April 10, 2012

And So It Goes.....

I finished decorating the teapot I posted earlier......thought it would be interesting to post the last photos in the series before I fire it...hopefully tonight or tomorrow.

Firing is the crap shoot.....as there is always that element of the unknown,  but that is part of what makes it all so interesting.

We'll see, grasshopper, we'll see......

Thanks for stopping by..............~s~


  1. it's lovely...may the kiln spirits be kind!

  2. Oh I love the purple and green and love seeing it before firing, it is always interesting to see what the comparisons are. This is so much fun to see the progression.

  3. i enjoy seeing the progression, particularly since i know very little about the majolica process.
    Good luck with the firning!

  4. Good luck with your firing! I will be praying to the kiln gods for you x

  5. I know that feeling from stage to stage and yet we keep on going back again and again to get that perfect pot.

  6. Sometimes I wish I could just stop at some point in the process and say "this is perfect." Sadly many pots look best to me when they are all wet and full of fingerprints. That would never fly and never last.
    This teapot looks great, I'm excited to see how it looks after firing.

  7. oh, and there are those little secret decorations, under the bottom and under the lid!


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