Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another Thing

I like about majolica is that it's some extent  The pot below has a major glaze crawl.  I will lay some glaze in the space and repaint the area and refire.  The rest of the pot will be fine due to the facts that I am firing to the same temp (^04) and majolica glazes don't move.

By the way I am sure that the crawl happened because I did not clean the bowl very well before glazing.  I generally spray with a good jet of vinegar and water and dry under a heat lamp.  A little time consuming, but worth the effort.  Another reason for glazing soon after the bisque firing.

 Here's another view of the teapot I finished last week.  I am most pleased that it got into a small regional show that my old pottery coop/art association sponsors every year.  Majolica is an iffy prospect in this area of the world.  Comparatively few people work in it.

And Last, but by no means Least!  Many Thanks to GARY for the fact/dream award.  I shall do my best to live up to the high standards that have been set by previous winner(s)!

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  1. Those cats on that bowl definitely deserve having a good glaze coat. I hope your refire will fix it. It's gorgeous! (I'm a cat lover, can you tell?)

  2. The bowl is wonderful- fingers crossed for the refiring!

  3. Both are beautiful pieces. I've enjoyed watching that teapot from start to finish.

  4. It is hard to believe how pretty that bowl with the cats is, and wow, I sure do hope it cooks OK! This is why potters pray to the ceramics gods....

  5. it's beautiful, thankfully you can correct the crawling! i have started to give everything that is getting a shino glaze a dunk in water... it's the only glaze i use that has a tendency to crawl from dust and it seems to be working.

  6. Hi Barbara....A refire *should* work. Where would we be without the kittehs to make our lives interesting?

    Hi Meredith....Thanks, all good vibrations are appreciated!

    Hi Lori...Thanks...and now one more step to see.

    Hi Gary...We used to make little guys/ idols/ secular them what you go in the tops of kilns. I think I'm going to start up again!

    Hi Michele....isn't odd how some glazes need to be babied and others fire well under any circumstance?

  7. Lovely work, those cats are gorgeous. Hope your refire is successful. Interesting to read about your vinegar and water spray tip, I'll give that a go. Congrats about the "small regional show", it is sad how there can be prejudice against some forms of ceramics (if that is what you mean by "iffy"), no matter how well done, and it is good to read that you have got in.

  8. Hi Peter.....I find vinegar and water works well to clean pots.....but they do have to be completely dry before glazing.

    Yeah, I was being polite......another low fire potter once said to me, "Either people get or they don't!"


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