Friday, April 20, 2012


About majolica.  Carole Epp has a great post today about all sorts of pottery......teapots....and an excellent little article on Italian Maiolica.  And yes, I spell it majolica but pronounce it either way.  Walter Ostrom always said it was maiolica to differentiate from English majolica.  Linda Arbuckle said either way, as I recall.  (Ah the plight of the art historian!)

The really neat thing is that this is the same process I use.  My glazes are probably a little harder, and I have different degrees of shiny, but the process is the same.  I don't do a final clear overcoat and I NEVER use lead in any way, shape or form.  I do size my glazes before I start to decorate, but it's still  a what you put down is what you have proposition.

The fish is a test design, done on a cracked bowl.  This one will get added to my repertoire!

And last, what would a day be without a picture of one of the four legged residents?  This is Aloysius, the stretchable cat (Spike's skinny cousin) contemplating the best way to open the door to escape.  I wasn't fast enough the get him actually pushing the handle.  He does not know the door is locked, leading to much crying frustration.  There are too many bad critters in the woods these days to let the menagerie out.

Happy Week End!

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  1. The fish is a keeper. Great expression :)

    And yep I remember Linda saying it's pronounced either way too but only ever heard her say it with a silent J

    happy weekend to you too

  2. Hi Barbara...thanks. Great minds think posted while I was over at your blog reading about favorite tools!

  3. It reminds me of the song... "you say tomaytos and I say tomahtos" (my spelling of course!). Love the fish, and thanks for sharing all the practical information regarding the process. Our Ginger cat fell in a stream yesterday was all disgustingly muddy on one side. This morning he woke us up about 5am by vomiting with spectacular efficiency in three locations as he made his way from our bed to the hall (all that cleaning of fur got to him!). The other cat went crazy when we sat down at 9am and listened to some Bach Cello pieces whilst drinking coffee. She exhibited a very strong anti cello reaction it would seem. Within seconds she had knocked the telephone to the floor, attempted to climb up to where the loud speakers were playing, and had also made a dangerous attempt to dislodge stuff that is on top of the TV! And Saturday is yet hardly started..... Eeeeeeek!

  4. My cats can so relate to your cats. They do want out but in my case it is my neighbors pit bulls that keep them house bound.
    How clever though to have watched you and tried to repeat the process that opens the door.
    Mine just whine and window perch.

  5. Hi Peter.....ah what we do for puppy Winter gets one of us up at 4:30 AM to go out....still better than the alternative. I can just imagine what the Ginger Cat looked like....he was probably highly insulted that such humiliation happened to him. Aloysius goes nuts when he hears you said, saturday (here) barely begun.....gadzooks!

    Hi Patti....I could wish my guys would be a little less clever, but then what we do for entertainment? And they teach each other....ain't it fun, livin' on the farm?!

  6. i have always pronounced it with the silent J... and always cringed when people added the J. maybe it's my own foreign language influence background to it!
    my kitty doesn't go out either, although she occasionally slinks out an open door, only to get caught!

  7. Spike was wondering what is wrong with his cousin ;)

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  9. Hi Michele.....How do you pronounce Majorca? I never sound the J....unless I want to push buttons! ;)

    Hey Spike......nozzin' rong....Ise just crazy, CRAZY! yer cuzzin, Aloysius

  10. Have really enjoyed reading about this work and am now going to go back over the last posts and read more slowly to take it all in. May give it a go one day. xCATHY


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