Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bad, Bad Leroy Brown

After last week end's adventure this is what we have been calling Aloysius.  He got out around midnight Friday, when we were taking Winter out before bedtime.  This cat just oozes out of any space he can find.  Of course Winter decided it was time to play, Aloysius panicked and ran off into the woods.  No amount of calling brought him back.  We almost had him Saturday, but a local cat attacked him and he ran into the woods again.  He stayed hidden until Sunday morning when his cries sent us searching the brush piles.  Finally we got him in by putting a little kibble on the deck.  His whole attitude seems to be, "What! You got lost; it's about time you came back!"

We are so pleased to have him back.  Aloysius does not love being an indoor cat.  On the other hand, he generally cries and waits to be brought in when he does get out.  There are too many dangers in the woods (fisher cats, rabies, coyotes to start) to let the cats or dog out loose.

And finally a turtle, or tortoise for Linda.  She has wonderful turtles down in Florida.  Occasionally we see box turtles, upon which this guy is based.

More rain today; we are beginning to look like a jungle.

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  1. My cats went out today (see my blog post on same) after much thought by me. So glad you had a happy ending to your search.
    PS Love the turtle!

  2. Hi Barbara...they sure do keep us on our toes! Glad you like Tyrone Turtle.

  3. so scary when indoor cats escape, glad you finally got him back in safe and sound.
    That's a great turtle!

  4. awesome job on the turtle, there Suzi!

  5. Love the box turtle, she is a beauty!
    and cats- always on the wrong side of a door.

  6. I had a cat that would go outside but usually returned to the sound of food hitting her supper dish. Of course she didn't have the obstacles that your cat has. I'm glad he's back home, safe & sound.
    Love the turtle, that looks like a LOT of work.

  7. Oh thanks for that turtle, he is beautiful and amazing. So glad you got your cat back. Scary for him to be out for so many days, not knowing if he was ok. My three were outdoor cats during the day at my lavender farm, but here they have to stay inside all the time because of ticks, rabies, fox, and cars that drive by much over the 25 mph that they are supposed to drive. One of my cats thinks the road is just for her and sits in front of a car even if it blows the horn. Ha.

  8. Hopefully his adventures will satisfy him for a while. We do worry so when an animal runs off. The not knowing how or where they are is awful.
    Amazing turtle.

  9. Hi Michele...thanks, sleepless nights indeed!

    Hi Laura.....thanks

    Hi Meredith...son the wrong side of the door sums it up well.

    Hi Lori....Aloysius is too smart and too stubborn for his own good. As all potters and indeed artists know, it's not work if you love the process.

    Hi Linda...you're welcome. After I fired him I was not happy with him, went ahead and entered him in our local Earthworks anyway, thinking that at least I could get an objective crit. To may surprise He got fourth place.

    Hi Patti....thanks. He was trying to go out in the rain the next day. I cured that for a bit by putting him down in a puddle.

  10. That turtle is fantastic! I must get my students to have a look.


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