Sunday, May 6, 2012

Considering Mugs

I've been thinking about mugs and cups lately.  Mugs are the most interactive and intimate pieces I make.  I hold them in my hand(s) to use them and put my mouth on the lips to drink.  I am most concerned with the shape of the rim and how it feels against my lips.  The lip can be uneven, able to be used at only one or two positions but it has to feel good.  I don't like the sensation of drinking over sandpaper.

I've been using the cone and inverted cone for my hand built mugs lately.  These are pleasant to hold and drink from.  I also make square mugs, but I don't have any at present.

 I like to make a nice plump form when I throw mugs.  The roundness fits very nicely into my hand.  I tend to cradle round mugs in the palm of my hand with my thumb through the handle for steadiness.  The indented ridge prevents a lot of spills and splashes.

Below is an early form I made many times.  I had to be careful in making the rim.  If I pulled it too far out it would dump tea (or beverage of choice) around my mouth down my front, which was disconcerting to say the least.

Feet have to be sturdy and stable.  I don't want to think about how I have to put a mug down on the table.  Feet also have to be smooth.  For the last year I have been using terra sig and burnishing the feet.


For the first time in at least a week the sun is out.  I know we needed rain but it was starting to get ridiculous! 

The white bleeding heart has gone mad this year.  I'm going to divide it a little and put some out near the pond. 

This is a small...less than half the size....wild white violet.  In the last few years it has established itself in the lawn and some of the planters.  It's a little later than the other violets so it keeps the season going a little longer.

And here is the last of the daffodils.  Due to the up and down temps I have had daffodils blooming since the end of February.  In this area it's generally and cold and unpleasant spring which suddenly gets hot and stays hot, which means most bulbs are doomed to a few days of flowering.  This year has been a pleasant change!

Happy sunny day to all

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  1. Very pretty mugs! I like the way the first two interact with each other. There is a great video somewhere out there that Pete Pinnell did, talking about our use of mugs. He describes the way women and men hold mugs differently. You mentioning the cradling reminded me of it. You could probably google it if you haven't seen it, worth a look. I have given up on the mug thing, I could never find a glaze I like although I can make a pretty decent mug when I try. Maybe I'll revisit that one day!

  2. thank you for sharing your mugs, I was wondering if you made them. They are lovely.
    I went to session at NCECA and Pete Pinnell gave the presentation that Tracey mentioned. It was excellent, and Pete is so humorous.
    Enjoy the sunny day... so far it's cloudy here but we have had sun for a week so I won't complain.

  3. Hi Tracey......thanks and thanks for the reminder about the Pete Pinnell video....very easy to google. It's odd when I think about an object that we take for granted, that carries so much information and history.

    Hi Michele....thanks. How fortunate that you had the opportunity to experience him in person. videos are a great invention but can't match the real thing.

  4. I REALLY like those mugs. Just beautiful. I cradle mine also.
    If you are tired of rain, send it our way, we really need it.

  5. good GOLLY I love the figures painted on the mugs up there :) I think about mug shapes all the time too---its funny what I like vs what the wife likes vs what other people much to explore and consider! The only thing I have decided definately is that I like a flat and wide handle--fits my fingers most comfortably

  6. Beautiful mugs. I try to make several different style mugs since people tend to be very particular about these intimate pieces.


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