Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Frogs are Out!

Frogs in the pond remind me that it's time to put the garden critters out.  These guys are usually under the waterfall, but we are working on that area so for now they are enjoying the sun.  Perhaps they are toads?

The real frogs are enjoying sun and water.  I think this little red guy was here last summer.  I have no idea what he is.  Below is a garden variety frog, the type I look at when need to look at eyes, feet etc.

I finished another loaf of slow rise bread yesterday.  This one is very simple, made with unbleached white flour.  The flavor comes from the sour dough needs a little more salt.  I think salt is one of the trickiest ingredients....too little and it tastes flat, too much and it loses all flavor but salt.

I'm really looking forward to baking this type of bread on the grill this summer.  Charcoal adds a whole new layer of flavor.

We are having sun and warmth......happy week end all.

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  1. Your frogs are wonderful, the ceramic ones. I am assuming you made them. And of course who doesn't like the real ones. We have the tinest ones here I am always a afraid I will step on them and then another size, one has a hoarse voice and so we recognize his voice each morning under the kitchen window.

  2. frogs and bread... interesting combination :-)

  3. Great frogs! I like the ceramic ones best though:)

  4. oh yes, the frogs and loaf, sooo beautiful :) grilled bread, wow!

  5. Your frogs are wonderful, ceramic and otherwise. The bread looks so good, I could almost smell it from here!

  6. mmmmm....the bread looks wonderful. Love the yard art frogs and real ones too.


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