Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dear Pete

Seeger, ninety-three years old today and still going strong.  When artists get going they seem to go on and the benefit of the world!

 The columbines, one of my absolute favorites, are in bloom and today are for the song "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?"  I love the colors and profusion of blooms.

Another rainy, cool day......not so good for working outside, but the colors are poppingly (is that a word?) vivid.  I guess we use gray backgrounds for a reason. 

 I'm having two glazes made up and WOW! tin has always been costly but now it's out of sight.  Fortunately after consulting my far flung notes I see that I can substitute zircopax or superpax for tin.  I just use double the amount.  I even found a couple of examples in old photos I took long before the world of digital cameras.

Many thanks to all those who were sympathetic with my migraine problems.  I think this is the first one I've had since last fall's allergy season.  There are a few foods that I never eat.....chocolate, in particular, which actually had me in an emergency room about fifteen years ago. No need to express sympathy.....I lost my taste long ago for something which is life threatening.

The white and yellow columbines are new this year.  I hope they survive.  I bought them at a local, very reliable greenhouse.  They said that the ones planted in their display gardens have been there for several years.  Still wintering over tends to be a crap shoot in this area due to up and down temps which can totally stress out plants.

I've had the pale pink for so long that I don't even remember its origin.  It may be one that just grew on its own.  Columbine does that.

The flamingoes wandered into the garden last week.  I hope more are on the way.  I have to admit to a certain fondness for big pink birds.  Somewhere I have an old photo that Proge's dad took many years ago at a zoo in Germany of flamingoes in the snow.  That is just plain ODD!

Thanks for stopping by.....................*s*


  1. Flamingos are everywhere here even on roofs, not that's odd.

  2. I was so mesmerized by the flamingos I forgot about the columbines which I love, been many years since I had them in my garden they seemed to thrive in my mountains homes, but in the hot areas they didn't like it.

  3. nice to see things getting so green farther north. the columbines are beautiful, i have a few that just finished flowering.

  4. 93! Wow, who would have guessed? It does seem like he's been around forever and I guess he has. Thanks for putting some good songs in my head.

  5. He was my first crush! My parents took us all to see him when I was about 12- love at first note and to this day he warms my heart.
    Love your flowers- beauties!

  6. OH WHAT wonderful colors! We have a couple of flamingos too ;)

  7. Wonderful shots of a flower I have yet had the pleasure of meeting. Maybe someday.
    Fan of Petes and wishing him a Happy Birthday also.


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