Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy Sunny Day!

Weeeellllll......I was going to start with the driveway but I'm so excited with the teapot that I have to show it off.  This is an idea I have been exploring for a while, but this is the first one to make it this far. The balance between the spout, handle, and feet , both physical and visual is the most difficult aspect.  It's all too easy to make pots that fall backwards when full. 

This is a one cup pot.  I generally like my teapots to hold fourteen to twenty-four ounces.  Small enough for one, but big enough to share.

Now I need to make some bigger ones.

And finally the was redone as part of a right-of-way agreement on the far side of my property.  It makes us look so much more civilized!

The shed is just to the right of the top photo.  (I could stitch them if I wanted to take the time.....but I rather be potting!)  Now we have to work on the rest of the yard.  I find that's the best kick to get me going.  Fix one thing and bring everything else up to it's level.
I'm off to buy the papers and hopefully a few plants and get the dahlias in!

 We'll see, Grasshopper, we'll see.......

Happy Sunny Day to all.

Thanks for stopping by............*s*


  1. Great teapot. I love its attitude and of course the surface.

  2. well done! it's a happy looking pot.

  3. Suzie - the teapot is fabulous. I love that it looks like a strutting proud bird - your elements are so well-balanced. No wonder you are happy! It's just lovely.

  4. oh golly, I want to just come over and HAVE some tea at your beautiful place, indeed!

  5. Gorgeous teapot, you deserve to be very proud of it.

  6. That is an amazing pot and the balance is evident. I like how the handle blends with the pot. Clever.
    Your place looks so peaceful.

  7. Hi barbara....Thanks; I need to do more.

    Hi Michele....Thanks, that's what I was aiming for.

    Hi Judy...It's sort of an off shoot of a series of 'strutting pots' I made long ago.

    Hi Gary....Perhaps we need to have a virtual tea party.

    Hi Lori....Thanks

    Hi Patti....Thanks. I love bringing handles into the pot surface. Things are seldom what they seem. Imagine a nutsy little dog zooming around.

    Hi Tracey...Thanks, the shed holds the stuff from a house I sold. When I get a round tuit I'll organize it. Uh-huh!

  8. Great work, it's so cute. Where is the cat *smile*? Have a nice day.


  9. The drive looks great, a nice source of motivation. Found your blog through jb flower and veg

  10. Hi Elna.....there are photos scattered throughout my blog, but I'm doing a post on Aloysius soon.

    Hi Annie....thanks for finding me. I love the way blogs let us find new people.


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